The First Luxury Ryokan at a World Heritage Island in Miyajima, Japan


  • Massages available on request.
  • Complimentary breakfast is served in a casual restaurant. There’s also a lounge, plus a communal bathhouse with hot spring water and forest views.
  • Make sure to enquire about rooms with private baths as some rooms only include a shared bath.
  • Rooms in the annex (the Shinkan) feature a mini fridge, tea and coffeemakers, as well as flat-screen TVs, plus en suite facilities.


Iwaso located in Miyajima also known as Itsukushima is a small island in Western Japan and less than an hour outside the city of Hiroshima. Perhaps the most well known aspect of the island is its famous Toril Gate, a shrine which is partially submerged in water during high tides. The island is also considered a World Heritage site and one of the three most and best ranked views in Japan.

The Sybarite is proud to introduce Iwaso,  a traditional luxury Ryokan featuring tatami matted rooms and futons whilst offering sublime views of the Miyajima island.  It was the first Ryokan ever opened on the Miyajima island and inspiration was taken from the “miya-daiku” style, craftsman that also built the Japanese shrines. We recommend booking yourselves into a room featuring river views or ones that include a private hot spring tub. No matter, guests can spend time relaxing in both the indoor and outdoor hot-spring baths whilst soaking up a cultural heritage in a quiet little island.

Iwaso is composted of three different buildings, the Shinkan, the Honkan, and the Hanare.  The original building which is the Honkan is the oldest and more traditional compared to the annex, the Shinkan.  Should you prefer rooms with a private bath, make sure to enquire about the Shinkan rooms as the Honkan building does not include a private bath. There are altogether 42 rooms, each one offering a true taste of  luxury and tradition in true Ryokan style.

Meals at Iwaso are traditional Kyoto-inspired and won’t disappoint. There are also various activities and curious things to explore around the island such as the aforementioned floating Toril Gate, Mount Misen (the island’s highest mountain), walking trails as well as various temples and shrines. Iwaso is an ideal place to visit should you be traveling to Japan and want something away from the bustling and noise. Iwaso offers that scenic and peaceful respite with many scenic activities to do with friends, family or even alone.

Miyajima can be reached from Hiroshima in less than an hour by train and ferry or by direct boats. Get in touch to see how we can help you arrange your travels.


More information available upon request. Minimum duration may apply.

Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

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