A Concept Hotel that brings together Artists, Gastronomy and Design


  • Healthy line amenities for the skin, whose production is based on products collected in the Serra do Caldeirão in the Algarve, ensuring the preservation of plants and the absence of pesticides, in plastic free packaging.
  • In the restaurant five days a week, twelve people gather around a single wooden Chinese dinner table. Stories are shared, but above all, an exceptional dining experience.
  • Carefully selected wines and teas for that perfect combination of flavours.
  • Local Portuguese products collected from the producers community.
  • Access to a most unique gallery showcasing featured and up-coming artists, talks and cultural activities.


The Art Gate is one for art-lovers and those seeking a deeper cultural experience combined with great hospitality and unique aesthetic in the heart of Lisbon. This concept hotel is here to inspire and provide the opportunity to learn and explore while resting in the comfort of a well-thought out space. The images don’t do The Art Gate justice – it really is a place you’ll have to come and see for yourself.

“The Art Gate’s” spaces aim to become an innovative concept in the hotel universe and to reach a relevant place in the contexts in which they are integrated. They are intended to be a space of peculiar dynamics, where the art of hospitality and gastronomy blend with the contemporary artistic environment, through an agenda designed to provide a complete sensory experience. The Art Gate believe that art assumes itself as a relational element of culture and people in the travel and discovery of the world.

The Sybarite is pleased to partner with a truly unique concept hotel, The Art Gate in Lisbon which combines a multi-sensory experience of the arts, gastronomy, and aesthetic to bring its guests an experiential journey unlike any other. There are altogether four suites with large windows facing the city centre. Carefully decorated with elegant and contemporary furniture and finishes, they provide total relaxation and the necessary comfort to make you feel at home. With only 5 rooms, a gastronomic restaurant and an art gallery, The Art Gate can become your home in the centre of Lisbon with a 5-star personalized service. We recommend taking the Master Suite with its original ceiling, the building’s construction adorns the Master Suite as well as its ceiling height. In a space of 70 m2, with large windows facing the former Trindade Convent, you will find a bed equipped with a support mattress for a better night’s sleep. The bathroom has a double washbasin, as well as a marble-clad Rainforest shower. A huge closet opens into a comfortable private room where you can relax or have a small moment with your partner.

Our favourite aspect is the Gallery, dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art while fostering a dialogue between emerging artists from the national and international scene through a quarterly program of exhibitions and cultural activities.  Get in touch to find out the latest artist showcasing their works or let us know how we can tailor this experience for you.


More information available upon request. Minimum duration may apply.

Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

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