All Aboard the Luxurious Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express Train


  • Aboard your luxurious private train, you can expect well-appointed en-suite cabins, fine dining and elegant surroundings.
  • First-class service is included as standard, with a personal cabin attendant service, available at all times, to look after all of your needs.
  • The Golden Eagle has been carefully designed with emphasis on your comfort, relaxation and enjoyment. In addition to its private en-suite sleeping cabins, Golden Eagle offer a beautifully appointed Bar Lounge Car and Restaurant Cars.
  • Select departures from either Moscow or Vladivostok – plus the option of shorter durations between Moscow and Ulaan Baatar.
  • Golden Eagle’s rail cruise itineraries are planned and operated exclusively by them and never lose site of the little things that really matter to you so that you can experience our Voyages of a Lifetime in a relaxed and informal manner.
  • Choose from three different compartments: Imperial Suite, Gold Cabin or Silver Cabin.


Undoubtedly the world’s greatest railway journey, the Trans-Siberian Railway runs like a steel ribbon across mysterious Russia connecting east and west from Moscow over the Urals, across the magnificent and endless steppe and alongside the shore of the world’s largest freshwater lake.

The official length of the Trans-Siberian line between Moscow and Vladivostok is 9,288 kilometres, making it the longest single service railway in the world. As part of the Golden Eagle itinerary you will also travel along the branch line at Lake Baikal, hauled by a Soviet-era steam locomotive, and away from the main Trans-Siberian line when you head into Mongolia and its capital Ulaan Baatar.

On board the Golden Eagle, you can expect first-class service and full board as standard. This luxurious private train offers three categories of en-suite cabins, with 24-hour cabin attendant service, fine dining and elegant surroundings, all carefully designed with emphasis on your personal comfort, relaxation and enjoyment.

An example itinerary is as follows:


Day 1 & 2 : Moscow

Arrive at Moscow Airport, where you are met and transferred to the stylish five-star Four Seasons Hotel Moscow. Located in the historic building of Moskva Hotel and occupying one of the most enviable addresses in the very heart of Moscow, the hotel is a short walk from the Kremlin, Red Square and the Bolshoi Theatre.

On your first evening in Moscow you will be invited to a champagne drinks reception before our exclusive Welcome Dinner. Specially selected international wines are included with dinner, as with all meals during the tour.

Upon arrival at Moscow Kazansky Station in the late afternoon, you will be greeted in the ornately decorated Imperial Waiting Room with a cold glass of Russian Champagne and canapes as you mix with the other guests and are welcomed by the train staff. The excitement in the waiting room audibly mounts and, 30 minutes before departure, your car attendants will escort you to Platform 1 where the Golden Eagle awaits ready for departure.

Day 3: Kazan
One of the highlights of this city tour is the exploration of the Kremlin Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Within the walls of this ancient citadel we will explore the stunning mosque and picture-perfect onion-domed cathedral.
Day 4: Yekaterinburg
Founded in 1723 by Peter the Great, Yekaterinburg is the capital of the Urals. Known as the Great Divide, the Ural Mountains create the natural border between Europe and Asia so that the cultural and architectural influences of European and Asian civilisations come together in this fascinating and cosmopolitan landscape. This city tour takes you to the poignant site where the Romanov, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, was executed with his family by the Bolsheviks in 1918 following 78 days of imprisonment.
Day 5: Novosibirsk 

A modern ‘Soviet’ city, you experience the life and character of Novosibirsk’s rich culture where the arts and science predominate. The city is located in the heart of Russia and is situated on both banks of the River Ob. This city tour takes you to Lenin Square where the imposing Opera House is located. An architectural marvel, it houses two permanent ballet and opera companies and is one of the largest opera houses in the world.

This is a 15-day itinerary. To find out the full itinerary please enquire below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Should you wish to explore different routes and itineraries please get in touch.


More information available upon request. Minimum duration may apply.

Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

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