Camp in Luxury this Christmas with Pelorus and Camp Kerala


  • A curated series of activities and experiences organised by Pelorus.
  • Beautifully designed maharaja tents with the softest of beds, in-tent serve, culinary delights and Camp Kerala bar.
  • Tailored experiences based on your preference.
  • The perfect idea for a special occasion or celebration with the Pelorus team there to deliver the magic.


Pelorus and Camp Kerala will build every journey from scratch so that your camp will become a ‘home away from home’, a bespoke series of activities and experiences organised by Pelorus will be at the heart of the journey. Envision beautifully designed maharaja tents with the softest of beds, in-tent serve, delicious dining and the legendary Camp Kerala bar to return home to after a day of excitement, so that the sun can continue
long into the night.

For some inspiration the Pelorus team have created some ideas of the sort of locations and experiences we could create for you. Of course, every experience is tailored from scratch allowing us to explore further locations.

Peaceful Pembrokeshire
From dramatic cliffs and islands, open oceans and hidden golden bays to the rolling hills and hidden forests of the countryside and it’s picture-perfect towns, Pembrokeshire is one of the most captivating places in South Wales. Steeped in myth and legend, the coast has inspired artists and poets for centuries.

Secluded Scotland
Scotland is the jewel of the British Isles and offers the most variety, from white sandy beaches, stunning islands, dramatic peaks and gin clear rivers and lochs. Hike the rugged Scottish landscape, spotting wildlife species such as golden eagles, otters, hen harriers, red deer and seals. Forage with a naturalist and unearth wild crops before dining in your luxury camp.

The Ancient Kingdom of Wessex
The South West of England, also known as Wessex, is the largest region of England offering an abundance of natural beauty, adventure and luxury. Explore the historical importance of the West Country and take in the stunning architecture of the many monastic sites and learn more about the historic period of the dissolution of the monasteries.

Wild Yorkshire
Stretching from the North Sea coast, over the Pennine Mountains, and inland across empty moorland and rolling hills, Yorkshire is the UK’s largest county offering incredible scenery, outdoor adventure and
luxury camps. Home to historic castles, cathedrals and abbeys, step back in time into the rich past as you marvel at the dramatic ruins that dominate the landscape.


More information available upon request. Minimum duration may apply.

Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

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