The Middle East’s first full-immersion Wellness Resort – Opening soon


  • Choose between Zulal Serenity for Adults or Zulal Discovery for Families.
  • Zulal Serenity are dedicated to guests 16 years and over. The whole Serenity experience is designed for those seeking a path of reset and reflection. This is a place to escape to, where you can contemplate and embrace lasting lifestyle change.
  • Zulal Serenity offers you tranquil time out to look after yourself while being guided on a path to positive and lasting lifestyle change. We invite you to experience the six Zulal wellness pillars: Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Holistic Health, Fitness, Spa and Aesthetics via our retreat programmes, treatments and activities.
  • Zulal Serenity treatments address all aspects of integrative wellbeing, from a specific physical issue to spiritual equilibrium. Draw on their specialism in Traditional Arabic Islamic Medicine and expertise in holistic healing, other ancient systems of medicine and the latest in wellbeing technology.
  • Guests in Zulal Serenity enjoy their own exclusive all-day dining restaurant and tea house as well as the resort’s various eating and drinking places.
  • Zulal Discovery is the family side of their resort. Here they offer programmes, activities and facilities designed to support individuals and also bring families together in a journey of healthy lifestyle discovery: to learn, experience and share.
  • All treatments at Zulal Discovery have a well thought purpose behind them. Whatever wellness means to you they can help you reach your fitness goals, beauty targets and offer you activities that you can do together as a family.
  • Facilities at Zulal Discovery means that families can share activities and learn together or enjoy transformative experiences on their own, as individuals.
  • Zulal’s Family Wellness Centre is an oasis of inspiration and tranquility, where families spend time together, learning, laughing and bonding. Activities in education, sports, creativity and nutrition, have been conceived around the characteristics of desert animals, as metaphors for developing life-skills in a playful way.


A new wellness destination in Qatar and its largest wellness destination, the world’s first centre for Traditional Arabic Islamic Medicine (TAIM) will be opening soon. The Sybarite are excited to announce our partnership with Zulal Wellness Resort that welcomes guests of all ages. The estate will feature a Family Wellness Resort with 120 guestrooms and suites and an adjacent Wellness Resort with 60 suites and villas catering especially for individuals, couples and groups of adult wellness travelers.

Blending Traditional Arabic Islamic Medicine with a holistic health and wellbeing philosophy, established by Chiva-Som, the internationally-acclaimed wellness resort in Thailand, it welcomes guests from all over the world to its coastal home on the northern tip of Qatar, where they offer two distinct yet interconnecting experiences. Zulal Serenity is dedicated to adult guests seeking an immersive health and lifestyle reset, while Zulal Discovery invites families to connect and embark on a wellness journey together. Their aim is to inspire you with positive and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and experience the essence of wellness at Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som. Whatever your goals, its wellness advisors are trained to evaluate your health needs and craft a bespoke wellness programme reflecting their six wellness modalities: physiotherapy, holistic health, nutrition, fitness, spa, and aesthetic beauty.

At Zulal, they believe that wellness is for everyone and hence offer a broad selection of transformative activities for all ages and to suit your individual needs. Make the first step towards a more balanced life, bringing your mind, body and soul in harmony.

Whether you visit Zulal for relaxation or a full wellness reset, their Health and Wellness Advisors work with you from the start of your stay , to plan and oversee your objectives with a tailor-made programme that supports your physical, mental and emotional balance.

All the facilities at Zulal Serenity: the spa, pools, landscaping, restaurants, movement studios, shops and quiet places of contemplation are designed to support your sensory experience of connecting to yourself and nature. As a Zulal Serenity guest you are also welcome to use all facilities at Zulal Discovery.


Opening end of 2021, get in touch for pre-opening bookings. More information available upon request. Minimum duration may apply.

Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

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