Selfridges, the global destination for fashion, luxury and extraordinary retail experience, has welcomed an exciting new name along with 27 other new and buzz-worthy beauty and wellness brands. Grass & Co. is a noteworthy new British CBD (cannabidiol) based wellbeing company who launched in July 2019, and have now reached the dizzy heights of the Selfridges shelves.

The brand was founded by two brothers, Ben and Tom Grass, who passionately believe in the recuperative powers of nature; Grass & Co.’s THC-free CBD oil products are all ethically sourced, using hemp flowers grown organically in Europe, and beautifully packaged.

“At Grass & Co. we’re committed to producing a quality, ethically sourced CBD product free from pesticides and herbicides that consumers can trust. We offer fully transparent sourcing, extraction and rigorous testing complete with independent certification*1 confirming its exact CBD concentration. We’ve also partnered with some of the best food scientists to develop a CBD formulation with complementary botanicals to provide additional wellness benefits as well as a superior taste and sensory experience,”   

Toby Gordon-Smith, CEO, Grass & Co.

Their range of CBD-based oils and topical balms combine organic hemp together with complementary botanicals.  “Our mission is to develop the best quality organic CBD Oils blended with complementary botanical ingredients that work to support our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. A ‘Life Enhanced By Nature.

As of last week, Selfridges have selected to offer a number of Grass & Co.’s CBD products from their EASE and CALM collections, which will be stocked in both the London and Manchester stores as well as being available online at; here you’ll find the EASE and CALM Body Oils and EASE Muscle Balm for topical application.

The Grass & Co. CALM Body Oil combines premium CBD oil with a calming blend of Evening Primrose, Rosemary and Marula and the EASE Body Oil is scented with a soothing and restorative blend of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Arnica. The EASE CBD infused Muscle Balm also includes Camphor to help relieve muscle tension.

“CBD is one of the fastest-growing wellbeing product categories in the UK. Grass & Co.’s brand values together with the quality and provenance of its product ingredients and commitment to ethical sourcing was a great fit for Selfridges,”

Emily Saunders, Selfridges Beauty Workshop Buyer

For more information on Grass & Co.’s: CALM Body Oil (£29.50 / 250mg CBD Body Oil 50ml), EASE Body Oil (£29.50 / 250mg CBD Body Oil 50ml), or EASE Muscle Balm £39.50 / 300mg Muscle Balm 60ml) please visit: