This autumn, be prepared to be swept away by Bunga Bunga Covent Garden’s new eclectic array of all-singing, all-dancing shows, which will transport guests from the dizzy heights of an authentic Italian circus, back in time to the phattest wedding in ancient Rome, and right to the beating heart of theatreland with gravity-defying performances of West End classics.




Be our guest every Wednesday as the very best of Broadway comes to Bunga. Visitors will feel like the Belle of the ball, as they descend the grand chandelier-lit staircase into The Don’s glamorous casino bar, where they can try their hand at a game of blackjack before the festa unfolds. Sit back and marvel at our gravity-defying divas performing well-known West End tracks with a twist, whilst devouring a four-course Italian feast. For any budding Broadway stars in the audience, there will be an opportunity after the curtain call to round off the enchanting evening with a spot of karaoke.

Available to book now every Wednesday at 7pm from £30pp

Including a four-course meal and entertainment


Guests are cordially invited to gather every Thursday and celebrate the nonsensical nuptials of Venus and Mars’ daughter at our Big Phat Roman Wedding. For those mourning the end of the summer wedding season, Bunga welcomes wedding crashers weekly to don traditional Roman attire and rejoice in the merriment of matrimony. There really is no place like Rome, with gladiators fighting for the bride’s hand in marriage, glass-shattering singing performances, unfiltered wedding speeches and immersive games for all La Famiglia to squabble over.

Available to book now every Thursday at 7pm from £40pp

Including a four-course Mediterranean menu and entertainment


Roll up, roll up every Friday to witness one of London’s most spine-tingling spectacles, complete with world-class acrobats, a mesmerising mermaid and our very own Mimey Cyrus. Our resident ringmaster will lead guests on a fantastico journey to the dizzy heights of an authentic Italian circus, where they will gawp in wonder at the world’s strongest man and scream in terror at our fearsome – definitely real – circus beasts. Feast on our oh-so-cheesy delizioso metro pizza and sip away on our signature cocktails served with as much drama as the attractions themselves.

Available to book now every Friday at 7pm from £44pp

Including a four-course meal and entertainment


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