The Sybarite is a members-only luxury experience and lifestyle management company providing the best of experiences and content for lovers of curated lifestyle pursuits.. The highest level of care, satisfaction and luxury is achieved in two ways – firstly, through high-end experiences that are tailored to be unique and distinct and secondly through a compelling and eclectic online magazine which offers insight into the most exclusive events, the world of business and the very best of luxury lifestyle. By sharing knowledge and insights members of The Sybarite are privy to all the current and up to date events and experiences occurring in the most exciting places across the globe. This platform covers all aspects of a luxury lifestyle from health and wellbeing to sport and technology. 

Now, already prided as a world-class service and experience provider, The Sybarite is stepping up their game to meet and exceed the needs of their members. The Sybarite has invested in a sizable renovation within their platform walls to bring an even higher degree of digital experience to their members and partners

With more and more people becoming increasingly conscientious with their lifestyle choices, The Sybarite recognised the opportunity for improvement. The platform has been modernised and advanced to make it easier for our members and suppliers to use. The look and feel of the platform now provides a seamless experience of luxury and ease.  

“The Sybarite defines true & genuine luxury. Its magazine is a wealth of exclusive experiences we are proud to contribute to at GALVANO GROUP.”
Markus Sassmann, CEO

For the members – From the experience of dining at a near-by Michelin star restaurant to travelling to Brazil for the Rio Carnival, our experiences are tailored based on what our members want. With exclusive access to our experiences and magazine, the very best of cuisine, travel, thrill-seeking and relaxation is at their fingertips. Details of purchased experiences are readily accessible in the member’s account and any queries or questions can be answered by simply opening a conversation with the supplier through our platform. To top it all off, membership is completely free with no restrictions to what you can see or do.

For the suppliers – Our new platform boasts a number of great features and analytics. With a large collection of world renowned suppliers, we’ve now made it easier for them to feature their experiences on our website. Each supplier can now have their own account on The Sybarite platform with access to different tiers of membership; meaning they can upload their experiences directly, view feedback and questions from members and see how well their experiences are performing in our analytics section. 

The Sybarite has gained much rave over their online magazine, in which you’ll find a collection full of curated content. The range of topics featured in the magazine differentiates The Sybarite from all other platforms; with categories ranging from Wellness and Travel to Technology and Business. 

“We are delighted to relaunch The Sybarite platform with a focus on our members and partners. The hospitality industry is facing challenges because of COVID-19, however, we are encouraged by the resilience of the practitioners and brands that are using experiences to fight back. Experiences can change lives and create positive memories especially during times of crisis and we hope to be able to bring some of that joy to our members”. 
John Cofie, Founder & CEO

The aim of this newly redesigned platform is not only to rejuvenate but to also give members the quality that they deserve. Become part of the high end member’s club today and see what the platform has to offer.