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A super yacht company like no other

‘This is more than a job. This is our lifestyle’ – a motto that we couldn’t agree more with for the all-encompassing super yacht company.

For them, more than anything else, it is about the experience of yachting in the most exceptional way imagined. Born out of a passion, its two co-founders – both of whom have a combined career on yachts – started the business together to create an outstanding array of super yacht services with dedicated experts making up the bulk of the team. Quality is another aspect of which the company prides itself on – always going that extra mile to fulfill their client’s expectations. So, what services does this yellow spirited brand offer? We take a look at each.

Of course it begins with the yacht chartering service – the ultimate experience, according to this super yacht company, boasting over 1000 luxury yachts to charter whether for corporate use, first-time charters to expedition yachts – fancy an expedition to the Antarctic? It can be done. All one need do when planning a charter is to get in touch with one of their charter brokers, who will go far beyond financial negotiations. Their brokers know the yachts as if they were their own, even the fleet – crews, chefs and the captains. There is no limit to how one would like to spend their charter experience, from a family excursion, discovering new areas at sea, a high-octane week of water sports, partying on board with your best mates or a combination of all – the best bit? You can handpick all aspects of the experience. This is true freedom.

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If you’ve found yourself chartering for years or if you simply want the freedom to go on board whenever and wherever you want, consider owning your own super yacht. It is however, recommended to begin chartering several yachts before going through the purchasing steps in order for their Sales Broker to appreciate the type of yacht one will be looking to use and for what occasions. Yacht ownership is the super yacht lifestyle where total flexibility is what it is all about. The company has over 4,000 yachts to choose from, and you can even have your own fully customized yacht made on a new build project – it all depends on budget and conditions.

If you already own a yacht but feel it’s time to sell, the company, with their decades of experience, has an independent purchase team to focus on an unrivalled commitment to selling the clients yacht to the right buyer. A strategic marketing plan is put forth and the team will report on any updates as well as stay tuned to market news in order to adjust the plan where necessary. Since 2014, the team has sold over 120 super yachts with a total value of 4 billion euros. Furthermore, with the company’s global reputation in the yachting industry, one is rest assured that those selling their yachts will reach people that matter.

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A service quite unique to the company is their Yacht Management and Build and Refit services. With yacht management, the company has gone on to create a bespoke technology used throughout the management fleet. Every detail including one’s yacht administrative to operational data is stored in one place, available at any time and totally secure. With Build and Refit, the service caters to those wanting to design and build their own yacht. The client is able to choose which designer they would like to work with and consequently to ensure that the client’s vision is met according to budget. This is your go-to company for a 360-degree service super yachts that you can rely on.

To find out more on how you can create or charter your own super yacht, get in touch.

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