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Bentley Christmas Gift Guide for women, men and children

It seems like everyone is trying to get into the Christmas spirit and this year. Bentley has joined in the festivities too by curating their own selection of top 10 Bentley gift recommendations. Bentley fans can now browse the selection and get their hands on these Bentley inspired gift ideas in time for the holiday season.

For the little ones: 

Yes, that’s right – Bentley has even curated their selection to include gifts for the little ones. A shiny miniature Continental GRide on Continental - MagentaT available in Sequin Blue and Magenta, your children will be riding in stylethis holiday season, not to mention the glow on their faces when taking their car for a spin.




CBentayga Gear Shift Cufflinksufflinks:

Perhaps for the Bentley enthusiast, these cufflinks model The Betayaga gear shift. “Bentley’s distinctive rear light ellipses – instantly recognizable when travelling behind a Bentley at night – are also transformed into wearable pieces for Bentley enthusiasts.”



The Birkin Spot:

Did you know Tim Birkin was a huge fan of the Bentley? The Birkin spot is included and features Ladies Birkin Spot Scarfa white polka-dot design. “The items are a modern interpretation of a pattern with a rich and gregarious heritage.”




                                                  The Equestrian:

Equestrian Blanket (1)

These ultra-soft and plush blankets are made of cashmere and considered one of the highlights of the Bentley Collection. “The blanket comes in Camel and Portland to provide a cosy addition to any room, or alternatively the throw offers a stylish layer to take with you when attending outdoor events.”




Continental Handbag:

A rather classic, simple yet elegant handbag which exudes the Bentley style is the  Continental handbag available in Burnt Oak, Dark Sapphire and Portland and named after the Bentley GT.Reduced Scale Continental Handbag - Portland






Maxi Wallet Dark Sapphire Wallet and Credit Card Cases:

Following the same colours of the Continental handbag are the wallet and credit card also available in Burnt Oak, Dark and Portland  perfect to compliment the Continental Handbag.




Silver Lake Blue Tibaldi GT Rollerball

For Writers:

Sometimes it’s in the little things like Bentley’s statement luxury fountain or roller-ball nibs. Heritage Race backpack Taking it back to the 1920’s flair is the Race Backpack “both a functional and stylish interpretation of the heritage theme.” “The bag features the number nine – a number with special significance for Bentley. It was used to identify what became one of the most famous Bentleys ever built: the supercharged 4.5 Litre ‘Blower’ that Bentley Boy Tim Birkin drove at Le Mans in 1930.”





Bentley Blower Cashmere Scarf (1)Blower Cashmere Scarf:

Another one for the Bentley enthusiast is their cashmere luxury scarf featuring the Bentley Blower.




For Home:

Crafted in Portland leather and chrome edging, the photo frames “ will make a stylish addition to any room,   Scented Candlewhile the aroma of vintage leather can now be experienced with an ambiance enhancing scented candle.”


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