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Do something good by travelling to these stunning holiday destinations

The air is heavy with prospects of a Grexit and many travelers are rethinking their plans for the summer. The Sybarite however thinks you should support the ailing Greek economy and stick to your plans, just remember to pack enough cash.

And if you still have not booked your trip why not look further afield and consider other destinations sorely in need of some cash influx? Montenegro, Iceland and South Africa are but a couple of examples of countries that have bounced back from a recession thanks to tourists with deep pockets.

So let yourself be inspired by our carefully researched guide to destinations for the discerning and conscientious tourist. Sip that cocktail on a tropical beach with a clear conscience, knowing that you are supporting the local economy. Here at The Sybarite we like to think of it as traveling for good.

Sao Tome and Principe

The economy of this island nation in the Gulf of Guinea relies heavily on the export of cocoa, and since prices plummeted in the late 80s the Government has had to look elsewhere for revenues. Luckily fortune appears to be turning for this little nation with offshore oil exploration expected to begin within a few years. We suggest you go and enjoy Sao Tome’s pristine beaches before the major oil companies set up shop and the high rise construction starts.

The Sybarite recommends the Bom Bom resort located on a small private islet and connected to Principe island by a pedestrian beach. Book a beach front villa and fancy yourself a modern day Robinson Crusoe:


Sri Lanka

Since the civil war ended in 2009, this island state has begun to flourish again. With a rich cultural heritage, lush mountains and sandy white beaches, there is something for every traveler. Tourism is set to grow exponentially in years to come, so do not be late for the party. Tea lovers will know that Sri Lanka, once called Ceylon, is home to the eponymous tea and several resorts centered on and around the island’s tea plantations have popped up in the last couple of years.

The Sybarite recommends the Tea Trails bungalow resort located at 1,250 metres above sea level in the heart of the Ceylon tea region. An all-inclusive resort, you can unwind and sip your cuppa while taking in the lush mountain views:



This large island nation in the Indian Ocean is a haven for the environmentally oriented traveler, in fact its rain forests and coral reach seas are home to a wildlife that is 90% unique to Madagascar. Deforestation is only one of several environmental concerns, but thankfully the country’s booming tourism industry has taken act of this and adopted an eco-friendly approach.

The Sybarite recommends you book at The Masoala Forest Lodge located on the wild north-eastern coast of Madagascar. This resort can only be reached by sea or by foot and is focused on preserving the wildlife of the Masoala region as well as supporting the local population. Expect an adventure packed and green holiday.


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