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Is A Holiday Romance Still A Magical Experience?

An overseas fling can be an exotic and exhilarating experience, but it can also be a complete disaster. Whilst an estimated 26% of Britons have had at least one holiday romance or amorous flirty adventure in their life, very few encounters end up as happy-ever-after.

Only 11% of love-struck couples meeting on vacation end up taking a walk up the aisle. Some people return home with a great tan and happy memories of two weeks of love in the sun. For most people, however, a holiday romance is either a no-strings-attached rendezvous that adds excitement to the trip, or a regrettable extended one-night stand.

Holiday Hormones

When you’re travelling, something happens to your spirit and soul, and you become more open to experiencing the adventure of life than you are when you are back at home. Your desire for sex increases and you let go of the inhibitions that stop you being the usual version of you.

Many people feel that whatever happens on holiday doesn’t count in their day-to-day reality. This can mean that finding yourself in the arms of someone, who you would normally steer well clear of, is perfectly acceptable when you’re away on vacation. Unfortunately, dropping your standards for a hot and steamy fumble will never increase your chances of meeting the One.

Holiday Romance - A Magical Experience

Strangers With Benefits

The exotic stranger you met in a stunning location is highly unlikely to turn out to be the person that you will share your life with. Real life isn’t like the movies or romantic novels. You may be seduced by a sexy foreign accent for the entire duration of your holiday, but eventually, you’ll realise that there is very little to the connection other than lust.

For teens and twenty-somethings a holiday romance can be a liberating experience that teaches you about your sexuality and prepares you for love. Alas, many people who are over 30 and/or divorced and looking for a holiday hook-up, tend to project a message that indicates that they may need to do some work on themselves in order to let go of past hurts and attract a loving partner. The Next Chapter can help you through the transition period between being single and finding lasting love.

The Great Escape

There’s no doubt that holidays are beneficial for your wellbeing. If you’re single and looking for love how you approach your getaway can greatly impact on any promising romantic experiences. Having an expectancy of finding long-term love in an exotic climate gives off a signal that can attract potential mates, and also those serial romancers looking for their next casual fling.

If you’re hoping for happy holiday memories, regardless of whether or not it includes sex and/or romance, you are far more likely to meet a stranger who is also looking for the thrill of a shared adventure, if you’re not expecting it. Feeling free, and being more sociable, also boosts the chances of connecting with someone on your travels.

You don’t have to travel the world to enjoy the magical experience of meeting someone special, and discovering romance and love. The Next Chapter provides niche services that bring like-minded people together, closer to home.

By Anna Pink

Holiday Romance - A Magical Experience


The Next Chapter is a matchmaking service for discerning gentlemen, founded by Judith Payne and Julie Mackay.

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