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Interview with Noushin Arshad – Director and Founder of Arabella Rose

Noushin Arshad, director and founder of Arabella Rose, is one of the most warm and beautiful people I’ve ever had the luck to come across – both inside and out. She takes such great care of her clientele at Arabella Rose, that you almost feel like family. Lucky for us, she gave us time out of her busy schedule perfecting celebrities’ hair to speak to us about what she does best. 

Interview with Noushin Arshad

How did you start Arabella Rose?

I have a passion for hair care, and have always been fascinated by extensions and the way you can change someone’s whole look and the confidence it gives women. I went on every course available for hair care, armed with my own research. Hair care is quite artisanal – to make someone feel much more confident – I love looking at before and after photos. There are so many different types of people you meet and I genuinely love what I do.

Who are your top clients?

We’ve had little boy with a brain tumour who had to wear a wig, and we were both in tears because of how we managed to make his hair look natural. It’s very versatile for both men and women; anything to give someone a bit more confidence. And because were specialist we have clients all over the world including Sheridan Smith, a lot of reality TV girls and influencers.

How do you differ from other salons?

We use the best quality natural human hair. We all have a real passion for what we do and genuinely care for our clients; it’s not just about money. We advise and offer free follow up appointments because we’d rather prepare a bespoke maintenance plan to suit the client than send them off on their way.

What products do you use?

We use Nashi products, which are all organic, in the salon. But because we have such good quality and unprocessed real hair, you can really use what you want on our clients. The reason we use organic is for the bonds, to keep them soft.

What advise would you give for first time clients?

Research and listen to reviews and test strands from salons to see how it feels and styles against your own. This will risk you investing a lot of money into something you’re not sure of. Go to a few different salons to see what they offer.

What advise would you give for seasoned clients?

We always recommend clients to come back after 10-12 weeks. It’s a myth that clients need to take a break. We remove all sections and take fresh clean sections which means you don’t need to take breaks and you can safely have them in all the time. It’s only when they’re not applied or re-fitted correctly that clients need to take a break.

What’s next for you?

We want to expand and get a bigger salon and a bigger team, and I would love to teach training courses as a more in-depth training on hair care and how to tailor to your clients needs. Cutting, styling and maintenance removal is all currently missing in training courses. I would also love to open more locations in future.

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