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L’OCCITANE – Working towards a more sustainable future


As the momentum and demand for sustainability in the beauty and cosmetics industries continues to increase, L’OCCITANE remains at the forefront of the movement towards a more sustainable future. At L’OCCITANE, a host of innovative and progressive schemes exist to limit the environmental impact of the processes and packaging involved in our products. Sustainability has been at the heart of L’OCCITANE since 1976 when Olivier Baussan launched the brand. It had humble beginnings, Olivier sold his oils at local Provence markets, but he always had an eco-conscious mind. He asked his customers to bring back their glass bottles to be refilled or recycled at a local glass factory in Nice, South of France. 

L’OCCITANE are consistently looking at ways to eliminate unnecessary plastic and like to keep our packaging simple. The company has never used plastic bags in their stores, and has a worldwide policy of not using plastic cups, straws or cotton buds. In 2009, L’OCCITANE began its fight against plastic; using recycled PET plastic from used coloured plastic across the Aromachologie range, which gives the range it’s dark and opaque appearance. They have also drastically reduced packaging thickness, resulting in a saving of 28 tonnes of plastic thus far.


The current L’OCCITANE refill pouches were launched in 2008, and are available in 15 different product lines; we are on-track to reach our goal of offering 25 eco-refills by 2020. The primary benefit of our eco-refills is that they use up to an incredible 90% less packaging in comparison to the original containers. This represents a saving of 121 tonnes of plastic in 2018!

L’OCCITANE recently announced the creation of a fund to support ecosystems that are severely affected by natural disasters, such as the devastating fires in the Amazon and Australia. 

Determined to protect biodiversity for future generations, the L’OCCITANE Ecosystem Restoration Fund aims to respond to climate emergencies on an ad hoc basis. The fund will be financed by a voluntary internal donation campaign among L’OCCITANE’s shareholders. Truly saddened by the devastation from the bushfires that have destroyed and impacted the beautiful landscape, native wildlife and communities of Australia, L’OCCITANE Group has pledged to donate $320,000 AUD to tree plantation schemes to help to rebuild the natural eco-system that has been so severely affected. Continuing L’OCCITANE’s ongoing commitment to Biodiversity, they continue to work towards re-building, replenishing and nurturing the landscape now and in the long-term to preserve natural resources, prevent soil erosion and create animal habitats. 


L’OCCITANE have just launched a new range of Liquid Soaps and eco refills. There is no palm oil and the packaging is 100% recycled plastic. The shea butter is 100% organic and made in Burkina Faso using traditional methods. It’s certified Fair Trade and all the shea butter is directly purchased from the women’s shea butter cooperatives, rather than

through intermediaries, which maximises local added value. For those wanting to make sure using their favourite cosmetics isn’t having detrimental effects on the environment then L’OCCITANE is the perfect brand. 


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