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Luxury in Anguilla

It’s not breaking news that the islands of The Caribbean are a dreamy holiday destination with phenomenal beaches, world-class resorts and smiles from the locals that beam as bright as the sunshine-filled skies!  In the case of picturesque Anguilla however, the island is one you may not have heard of before and there’s a reason for this! The Bucket List destination is one of our British Territory’s best-kept secrets, though it’s fast becoming the most A-List get-a-away in The Caribbean.

With a circumference of just 16 miles, the idyllic isle boasts 33 powder-white beaches, squishing all theory that size matters. With picture-perfect views and year-round warm weather Anguilla sets a whole new standard for desirability when it comes to escaping the UK for some Winter Sun.

Amongst the double-digit beaches, Anguilla is home to some of the world’s best shorelines and with nature providing such a haven-like backdrop it’s also home to some of the world’s most luxurious resorts.


What makes this Caribbean island so special? There is no scope for consumerism. The island is dependent and thriving on Luxury tourism. Though physical a guest list and restrictions are not in place, the ‘door policy’ of Anguilla is very similar to some of the world’s best exclusive social clubs. Its inaccessibility plays a key role In how the island has made quite the name for itself within the affluent travel market. Anguilla’s inviting warmth doesn’t extend to cruise ships and you won’t wander by a high rise or casino, the shimmering white beaches are reserved only for the travelling elite.

Accommodations here are boutique in style and chic in design with a glossy price tag to match the opulence. There’s a handful of hotels that cater for the celebrity clientele who frequent the island. That guest list policy discussed…it has quite the sign-in sheet, Adele and Paul McCartney are regulars and most recently One Direction’s Harry Styles was let in on the secret.


Where to stay 

Belmond Cap Juluca

AnguillaArguably the most fabulously famous resort in Anguilla is The Belmond Cap Juluca. This stylish and glamourous resort gets everything right with centre-fold worthy décor showcasing the perfect mix of flamboyance and class. It’s all built around one of the islands most beautiful satin shores with the Azure blue water continuing the dreamy tropical backdrop for miles ahead.

Rooms are as impressive as the main pool areas with butler service in tow. The resort also features one of the island’s oldest restaurants, Pimms, an up-scale eatery with what can only be described as the most impressive dining views in The Caribbean.

Cuisin Art 

 For those looking for a more active break in such a tranquil setting, The Cuisin Art Hotel is the perfect partnering of relaxation and recreation. The five-star beachfront resort is stunning and offers far more than just the iconic views the island provides as standard. There’s an 18 hole golf course, an on-site dive centre, a full fitness schedule and the largest spa in The Caribbean.  A suited serenity for those with itchy feet!

Zemi Beach Club

With the ‘best beach in the world’ tagline, Zemi Beach Club is a boutique resort with a continual and high consistency of returning guests. It’s a beach lovers paradise with all the quaint luxuries of award-winning hospitality so easy to see why. The hotel offers a more laid back and culturally close experience of vacationing on the island. Also as a unique addition, Zemi Beach Club is where the Caribbean’s only authentic Thai spa can be found.


Malliouhana Resort

For the ultimate sophistication, Malliouhana resort will have you wandering and wondering. The resort is so well-put-together you can easily mistake the reception areas for a high scale art gallery. Think 1920’s Miami and then add a dash of 90’s St Tropez and you’ll be able to imagine a curated vision of the atmosphere of this hotel. Accommodation is fit for an heiress and the hotel’s restaurant boasts Michelin chef dishes for an additional dash of excellence.

There’s every reason to add Anguilla to your travel bucket list, are you next to join the travel elite?

Written by Sabrina Chakici, Travel Presenter & Blogger www.clutchandcarryon.com

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