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Meet The Social Concierge Pairing Up Millenials In The City

The brainchild behind one of London’s hippest and most happening dating platforms is Founder and Director, Nana Wereko-Brobby of Social Concierge, a matchmaking agency that targets the hard to reach demographic cohorts of Gen Y’s.  One of the rules for membership is to have “corporate creative” flair whether you are a banker or a  Fleet Street type. Why? The structure is there for a reason.

Nana is by all means a bubbly, friendly and outgoing individual embodying style and creative flair. It’s no wonder that in her one-year career stint in New York, her lively nature led her to experience some of the most memorable and exhilarating dating scenes of the city. Returning home to London, she was startled by the discovery that there wasn’t a fun and enjoyable dating platform that specifically targeted a unique group of twenty/thirty-somethings. Hence, Social Concierge was born.

And here’s how it works. There are two parts to it – the dating club offering flexible programs from basic to elite status, and then there’s the matchmaking service offered to Sybarite members. In this specialised service, Nana conducts the personal interviews where she gets to know you and what you ideally seek in a partner. Through Social Concierge’s extensive matchmaking database, Nana pairs you up with someone who is a match for your desires. If unable to find a match through the database, Nana goes about her highly connected social circle to scout your match – and she does this with vigor.

What to expect on the first date?  Social Concierge’s uniqueness is in its personalised itinerary.  When both parties agree to date, an itinerary with a suitable restaurant or after-dinner pursuits gets sent. The goal is in the experience – instead of joining the more familiar dating platforms of countless profiles or downloading Tinder, the less cringing of online dating options, Social Concierge is highly tailored and has some very dedicated members who feel they truly benefit from the structure and service.

So if you’re single, in your mid twenties to thirties, outgoing by nature, are a citizen of quality standing  who hasn’t found the ideal partner or even close to it, Social Concierge is there to put two and two together – and even if it doesn’t work out the first time at least you know you’re not a fish in a big pond. You’re swimming with a very highly selected pool of individuals, all with one thing in common – you enjoy the fun of dating and meeting like-minded individuals such as yourself. Essentially, it’s run like an all-members dating club. No shame there.


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