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Q&A with OM Skincare Founder Dr. Om Prawarisa

OM Skincare is a capsule collection of luxury skincare products, which are result-driven no matter the climate. The creation of skincare expert and cosmetic scientist, Dr. Om Prawarisa, OM Skincare was born through her love of travelling and the need for skincare that works. Dr. Om wanted to combine her scientific background, love of ancient wisdom and the transformative properties of nature to create a multi-purpose skincare range.

The range currently consists of seven products, each work together to nourish and plump the skin. The newest addition to the range is ‘Mindful Traveller’, at the launch of which we met Dr. Om to chat about the brand and find out what the future holds.

DR OM interview
Dr Om Prawarisa

When did OM Skincare begin? 
Vaguely speaking, the brand started when I was a young girl – around 15 years old when beauty products were something that I was passionate about. Ever since then, I followed that path with study and research. It was my goal to create hybrid products that are multifunctional and work in all climates to suit my busy lifestyle, the research and development continued until OM Skincare came to life in 2016.

What are your hero products in the range?  
Our Invisible Finish Primer SPF40 is our current best seller, its a 5in1 multitasking product that brightens, moisturisers and protects the skin from pollution and the harmful UVA and UVB rays. As the name states its works as a primer to help makeup stay on all day, and it’s a great natural alternative to a heavy foundation it gives the skin an immediate no-makeup glow and it’s great to use all year round.

What product can you not live without when travelling? 
Being able to cleanse and moisturise my skin during travel is so important to me, I often have to attend meetings directly from the flight so looking fresh and keeping hydrated is a priority, which is why I created our newest product; Mindful Traveller a brand new concept for beautyonthegoits sleek design is ideal for fussfree cleansing and moisturising during long or short haul travel, it encases our awardwinning Pure Glow Cleanser and Daily Radiance Moisturiser; in a penstyle applicator I just throw it into my handbag and go! I also couldn’t travel without our Invisible Finish Primer, it’s so lightweight as stated above it’s a 5 in 1 multi-tasker, and I never go anywhere without our Beauty Boosters; packed with superstar ingredients they have been developed to provide instant hydration, help with collagen production and are powerful antioxidants, giving an instantaneous liftto the mind, body and skin.

What makes OM Skincare different?   
I was inspired whilst travelling to create skincare products that work regardless of environment and climate be it humid or dry. With my love of travelling coupled with my passion for mindfulness, and armed with over a decade of research and development and a PhD in Cosmetic Science, I created OM skincare its a beautifully balanced capsule collection of multi-tasking products combining nature and science whilst encouraging mindfulness; its a brand truly created with love and passion, which we believe is reflected in the beautiful hand drawn packaging and attention to detail. It’s affordable, luxury skincare.

Mindfulness is a large part of OM Skincare’s ethos, how do you practice mindfulness with such a busy lifestyle? 
I practice it every moment I can, you don’t really need free time to practice mindfulness. We all can do it right now. It is simple as I am being mindful in typing the answer. We all can include mindfulness in all activities, that is the real way of mindfulness.

I practice yoga, and my parents always encouraged us to meditate and be mindful. I truly believe that beauty comes not only from what you put on your skin but from inside you as well. Thats why we encourage mindfulness when you use our products to maximise the effectiveness, just to take even 30 seconds to be focused on your skin. I believe that tapping your skin as part of your skincare routine encourages circulation and also releases chi energy. It tells your skin you love it!

Do you have any new products in the pipeline?
Watch this space! We are always researching the newest ingredients in skincare and we have a lot still to come – just the thought of it makes me excited!

OM Skincare is available at Space N K and online at www.omskincare.co.uk

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