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Why private villas are becoming innovative disruptors in the incentive group travel industry

Take a corporate group of high level professionals and their significant others, bound for an event in a beautiful resort locale for a well-deserved “fun-in-the-sun” annual event. Now…switch out the very nice yet traditional 5 star hotel accommodations for fabulous multi-million dollar private villas, all in a conclave with resort-like amenities…and you have an “innovative disruptor” in the incentive group travel industry.

Incentive group travel is known to be one of the best driving forces to motivate employees and colleagues, as well as bonding with clients, and what better way to do this than by indulging for a few days at a beautiful private luxury villa.

The long established incentive group travel operators have competed for corporate clients and provided virtually identical offerings for decades. Tired of scrolling through endless websites trying to find the best deal on a hotel, organisers of corporate breaks are turning to private luxury villas. Now, the idea is taking hold as an exciting alternative in the industry.

Not only do curated and well-appointed villas offer privacy, flexibility and unparalleled luxury to for groups, but the price points are very competitive to its 5 Star hotel stay counterparts.

Depending upon the group size, a “host” villa for group events, surrounded by other private villas in the nearby vicinity, can house up to 100 guests. For large groups, private villas that are part of a resort villa hotel complex may also be accessed. The result is an experience for the group participants that is not only price competitive to but significantly more enjoyable and flexible than the “same old” resort hotel stay.

Peter BurnsSerial luxury travel entrepreneur, Peter Burns III, specialises in the establishment and operation of niche market multi-location businesses.

In the past 40 years of business formation and ownership, Peter has started, run, sold, and/or expanded over 100 individual businesses in dozens of fields. He is currently focusing on luxury holiday rentals at Luxury Villa Group. 

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