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Refresh Your Mind, Body and Soul with The Modern Sanctum

We have all had moments when we crave an escape. Whether you are feeling sluggish from an unhealthy winter, or stressed after a difficult time at work, often a trip away and an escape from your daily routine can help you change things up and feel entirely renewed. With The Modern Sanctum retreats, you are able to nurture and develop your mind, body and soul simultaneously, providing you with the ultimate relaxing yet transformative retreat. The Sybarite sat down with Rebecca Rose, the founder of Modern Sanctum, to chat about her unique experiences in Ibiza.

Refresh your mind with modern Sanctum
Rebecca Rose
How and why did you start the modern sanctum?

I’ve lived in Ibiza for six summers and I love the landscape over there, so I decided I wanted to connect global travellers there and provide an experience for them which is not just about the club life, but about enjoying the stunning landscapes. At The Modern Sanctum, we try to be different in that we don’t just deal with fitness and yoga; I realised after last year’s retreat that people are taking a week out of their life, their job, their families, so they weren’t just coming to take care of their bodies, they were coming to offload and de-stress also. I felt that if we introduced a life coach and educated people on the power of their own thoughts, then it would have a much bigger impact.

So now The Modern Sanctum provide the full package; the mind, which is life coaching, the body, which is the fitness side, and the soul which is energy healing. This is where our retreats are different from your average yoga and fitness retreats; we are bringing in the two other elements of mind and soul.We have personal sit downs with the life coach and evening seminars on everything from keeping a positive mental attitude to the power of food and how it can cure disease. Every evening we have something to entertain guests.

The energy healing is done by a Reiki master. She puts guests into a meditation in order to take you back to previous moments of trauma, using her skills to unblock this negative energy.We do all of our training outside to allow guests the opportunity to experience all of Ibiza and its nature. When you are out in nature you’re vibrating at a completely different frequency, which is so important for our retreat.

Refresh your mind with modern Sanctum

Why do you think Ibiza is the perfect location to embark on a wellness journey?

Ibiza is a deeply spiritual island. You may have heard about Es Vedrà which is a small rocky island off the coast of Ibiza, and it’s the third most magnetic rock in the world after the North Pole and the South Pole. Es Vedrà has such a history; many people go there and claim that they can’t leave, which is probably due to the magnesium and the magnetic pull of Ibiza in general.

The island holds many different emotions and with there being particularly strong sunsets and moon rises, you experience the elements very intensely there. One moment you can be in the greenery of the pine forest and the next you can be listening to the sea in a small cove or in the mountains. With it being an island you feel detached and protected from the rest of the world, not to mention the Mediterranean is so calm that there’s plenty of opportunities to swim, as well as being so metropolitan.

Refresh your mind with modern Sanctum

What is the most important thing that people will bring home from a Modern Sanctum retreat?

In our everyday life, we usually follow a lot of routines. Going on a retreat breaks free of these routines and introduces new, healthy habits. It’s also time to yourself, something which a lot of people just don’t give themselves these days, especially those with families or high pressure jobs. With a Modern Sanctum retreat, you’re going to experience what this earth is about, and that involves immersing yourself in nature.

How many people will be on your retreat and are all activities done in groups?

We usually have groups of around 8, and can go up to around 12. Within the villa accommodation, we ensure that people don’t have to share rooms when they don’t know each other yet to give each individual their all-important privacy. We do various group exercises, but the life coaching and energy healing is private and done individually in one-on-one sessions. You’re also not expected to come to every class if it doesn’t feel right for you and your body.

Refresh your mind with modern Sanctum

What’s next for you and The Modern Sanctum?

I want to concentrate on bringing more interesting elements to the retreat world, like we have done already with the life coaching. We are also thinking of moving into the corporate sector and hosting professionals who may need a break, or groups for team building exercises. I am also exploring some beautiful new locations including a beach side cabana in Turkey, where guests will be able to do their treatments on the beach. I’m all about creating as much value as possible, so I’m in no rush, I’m just looking forward to seeing the clients continue to attend.

The Modern Sanctum’s next retreat is taking place 15th – 21st April and 22nd -28th April 2019. Book here.

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