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Sybarite Selections: Innovative Tech

Looking for a hot new gadget to play with, or something high-tech to spruce up your home and impress your friends? We’ve picked some of the most innovative pieces in luxury tech this year…

Aster by Vertu


Handmade in London, Vertu isn’t shy of price tags… or superfluous features. The Aster runs on Android and will set you back at least £3,400 but does come with Dolby Digital Plus virtual surround sound (for better atmospheric effects), “a world of exclusive lifestyle experiences” and a specialist concierge who should be able to help you with any buyer’s remorse.

EcoloBlue 10000 Water Generator Station

A must-have on any millionaires (or disaster-stricken regions) Christmas list, the EB10000 can make water straight out of the air (we’re not joking) – about 400,000 litres per day actually.  

Perfect for the island getaway, this portable solution can be stacked and is a snip at almost $350,000.  

Image result for taptl



This beautiful, 4K, up to 84” touchscreen can be used with 3D glasses and has already been used to help you part with your cash at designer storefronts and airports. If you want the full 84”, prices at start at $50,000,  but considering it’s waterproof and transparent we’ll take it.

Omni Apple Watch by Brikk


No-one really expected anyone to up the price of the already exorbitant Apple Watch but Brikk hasn’t been known to shy away from bejazzling the hell out of the latest Ives and Jobs creation.  

Available in three editions (Standard, Deluxe and Omni) each watch will be encrusted with both metal and diamonds, while the top of the line edition (Omni) will be 12 carat of hand polished diamonds.

Panic Room by Luxury Safes


Made to your exact specifications, you too can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing safety is but twelve bolts away. For the fire or bullet-conscious amongst us, fear not, they have those eventualities as options too.  

Prices for top of the line can run to £90,000.

CocoOne by Delfin Wellness


Austrians know how to do warm, and with moveable dual internal heaters, the CocoOne pod demonstrates their commitment to comfort at all times. Colour-changing light capabilities via your smartphone make this $45,000 pod of joy, your home away from home.  

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