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Thai Square Spa: The Ultimate Luxury Thai Spa in London

The Sybarite visited Thai Square Spa, a haven of tranquillity in west London. We tried their Himalayan Ritual Massage to see what it is all about.

First and foremost, Thai Square Spa has a beautiful and luxurious interior, full of Thai elements and marble flooring. The spa itself is located below the reception area, where upon entering, a vast dimly lit space with different Buddha sculptures greet you as you walk through. The tea served upon arrival is a must-try –  made with pandan leaves (a herbaceous tropical plant that has a sweet aroma and tastes somewhat milky and coconutty), it puts a little smile on your face as it warms up your body in preparation for treatment.

Thai Square Spa review

Before treatment commences, their ritual is to warm up your feet by having it dipped and cleaned in warm water, then a quick towel-dry as you are lead into a rather magnificent treatment room made of Himalayan salt – from the brick-like salt walls to the mounds of white salt sands laden on the room’s flooring. As you undress, your therapist will hold your hand to step into the sand before making your way to the treatment bed, face down of course.

Specific concerns for me were my neck and shoulders, which I made sure to tell the therapist who performed my salt ritual – and she did just that. An hour-long massage focusing on the areas mentioned really helped to ease some of the tension away. The added value is, of course, the Himalayan salt, which boasts a wide range of benefits due to its mineral content. It is the most natural form of salt, which is thought to have been protected by lava and gives the salt its pinkish, crystalline hues. Some of the health benefits of Himalayan Salt include: forming an electrolyte balance, boosting the metabolism and blood circulation, balancing pH levels, and it also is a great form of detox. 

Thai Square Spa Himalayan salt massage

The massage itself was a mixture of oriental techniques combined with a focus on the areas concerned, using essential oils throughout. To incorporate the Himalayan Salt, the therapist took light handfuls of the salt and used it to massage the leg and arm areas, giving the body a good detoxifying scrub. After an hour’s worth of experiencing such a unique treatment, a good shower was in order. It really was the perfect detox to complement the cleansing of the inner and outer senses.

Thai Square Spa Himalayan salt massage

The wonderful thing about Thai Square Spa is the array of luxurious treatments and facials they offer, especially for travellers who need a quick jet lag fix. Their Thai Massage is their speciality, a treatment where they apply a deep tissue technique to focus on the deepest layers of one’s muscle tissue to help lessen muscle and joint tensions, as well as stretching techniques to aid posture and flexibility.  We would highly recommend this treatment for those suffering from muscular pain or for those who are very tense in their joints.

In authentic, luxury Thai spa fashion, every detail is thought through, from service, cleanliness, décor and aesthetics, to its range of attractive treatments that will leave one feeling totally refreshed and ready to get into bed for a good night’s sleep.

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