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The Little Green Sheep – Give Your Little Ones The Perfect Start To Life

This feature is dedicated to all the parents out there that want to make sure that their precious little ones have the best start in life. This has been one of my favourite companies since becoming a mum and I wanted to make sure as many parents out there know about it. 

The Little Green Sheep company was born in 2007, from a simple idea…to provide the very best for babies! The journey started with mattresses, after the shock discovery that nearly all baby mattresses are made using synthetic materials and treated with fire retardant chemical sprays! Not long after this, the UK’s very first certified organic baby mattress was created and The Little Green Sheep became a go to for many mums and dads.

The Little Green Sheep is a natural baby brand that understands that parents want the best for their baby, which is why the best and most natural materials are used in all products, for a perfectly pure night’s sleep. Their beautiful, natural and organic products are specially designed to nurture. They have a fantastic range of natural and organic mattresses suitable from birth to 12 years, as well as a range of organic bedding and award-winning waterproof mattress protectors.

I have always been a massive fan of The Little Green Sheep Company, not only because all their products are super soft and stylish but they give you complete peace of mind with their organic credentials, which is especially important during those first few weeks after you have welcomed your little one into your home and every single thing worries you. 

It is only a matter of months before my little girl who is now two, moves from her cot to a bed, with her own little pillow and duvet. With that in mind, I’ve already ordered her the cot bed duvet and pillow which contains 100% organic materials and absolutely zero man-made fabrics. It is so lovely and soft and will allow her to be super comfortable all night long. 

The brand also does a lovely range of bedsheets – from moses baskets through to cot bed. All of them are made using the best certified organic cotton and each fitted bed sheet is carefully crafted to offer a breathable soft layer which is ideal for a baby’s delicate skin.

Always adding to their product range, the company has just launched the brand-new Baby Play Gym Set. This allows parents to design the perfect play gym to suit your child’s stage of development. The Little Green Sheep has created an array of detachable and interchangeable charms for every little personality to explore at home or on the go, keeping playtime fresh and engaging for your baby. With organic cotton rattles stimulating sensory play, as well as mango wood teething charms, they are perfect for soothing tender gums. Free from any nasty chemicals and finished simply with a natural beeswax, you can be sure your little one is playing naturally. Beautifully made, the detachable charms not only look great, but are sure to keep little ones entertained for hours too. The options don’t stop there, with parents being able to choose from two structures, including a Curved or A-Frame design, both of which are made from 100% certified sustainable Birchwood. 

The Little Green Sheep constantly strives to improve the bedtime experience for families and puts every effort into creating high-quality products that not only exceed expectations, but allow parents to make the most of their baby’s precious first few months and years.

Website – www.thelittlegreensheep.co.uk


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