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The Upper House – The Definitive Luxury Living Hotel in Hong Kong


When in Hong Kong one really needn’t look further than a stay at The Upper House. For one, though its location is smack in the centre of the city, sitting amongst Shangri-La, The Conrad and Marriot Hotels, its discretion as a five-star luxury living abode is its allurement.


Just as you enter its lobby, one isn’t really there until they’ve gone up the stair-way of The Upper House. Call it Feng Shui, but The Upper House wants its guests to feel as if they’ve been transported to a home away from home where luxury living is waiting to greet you at the very top.  Rather than the typical check-in of entering through the hotel’s doors towards the concierge desk, The Upper House takes it to another notch. As in, one needn’t go through the check-in process. All one need do is head straight to their rooms whilst its staff takes care of everything else.




Comparing The Upper House to other five-star establishments in Hong Kong would be of no relevancy in our opinion (except for maybe the bathroom, but we will come back to that). The hotel is so niche in its own way, fully dedicated to its guests. The Upper House ultimately forms a relationship with you whether you’re staying for a night or more. It is one of its distinct characteristics and unique if not memorable experiences. So if undivided service isn’t on your priorities when searching for the ideal stay in Hong Kong then perhaps The Upper House isn’t for you.



Of course, it is not just undivided service that makes up the experience but the quality and character of each of the rooms.


On this review, we stayed at Studio 80, a larger type of room than studio 70 and slightly smaller than the Upper Suites. The rooms really are a fascinating gem, owing much to the expansive windows that offer a full view of Hong Kong’s mesmerizing skyline (both in the bedroom and in the spa-inspired bathroom). After spending a few hours in the room, one easily gets a sense of contemplation. With the furniture plush, the interior design steeped in wooden elements and the lighting adjustable according to your preferences, it’s tranquility in design and architecture.




The only element of The Upper House which must be compared to however are its bathrooms. These appear to be much larger than the average bathrooms you would find in other hotels in Hong Kong. With its own spacious carpeted walk-in closet there is also a vanity, a separate toilet, and marble cladded double sinks with a generously sized spa-like bathtub. The bathtub is the best bit as it directly faces Hong Kong’s skyline, offering unparalleled views making for quite literally, a bathroom haven.


So, with bath salts aplenty, headrest at the ready and bathroom entertainment on demand nothing could be quite finer. For full privacy, simply make use of the bathrooms remote control blinds and you are shielded from the cities view.


On this particular review we also travelled with a little one and we found that The Upper House went above and beyond to cater for this demographic. Besides a most comfortable baby cot, we were happy to find that a baby tub was placed over the bathtub. Sitting on its edge was a baby travel kit full of hair and body essentials.


Despite the hotel being such a discreet and rather peaceful establishment, you will be glad to know that The Upper House caters to every guests demands. There is almost nothing that its guest services staff cannot do, say should you wish to reserve a seat at a reputable restaurant which might be challenging to get into, The Upper House seems to have its connections in order.


In terms of facilities, what The Upper House lacks they make up for in their services. As can be seen in  their fitness centre and complimentary yoga every morning of the weekend at the hotels ‘The Lawn’ – a place where you can refresh, have a beverage or just take in the city from up high in a zen-like outdoor atmosphere. The hotel also offers high-end  dining at its restaurant Café Gray Deluxe which serves modern European cuisine (listed as one of Hong Kong’s best restaurants) and Café Gray Bar. But in our modest opinion, we adored the room so much that reveling in the  in-room dining wasn’t a question.




The little things count and The Upper House is not short of noticeable little things. Take for example their in-room maxi bar and impressive wine cooler – you will also be pleased to know that snacks and drinks are on the house except for, of course alcoholic beverages. Nespresso and fine teas are for your pleasure too. We found these generously provided and munched on them whilst enjoying some in-room entertainment before shutting all the blinds and relinquishing the stresses of the day to a whole other comfort zone – the bed.


If The Upper Houses’ goal is to provide the ultimate luxury home away from home than they have outdone themselves simply because not only are the amenities there, but that they’re their for you to enjoy without charge. This further illustrates the hotel’s desire to make its guests feel special, feel deserved of such a stay.

We highly recommend The Upper House first and foremost for its uncompromising service towards its guests, the exquisite comfort and aesthetical pleasure of the rooms and overall environment.



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