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The Guide to Achieving Healthy Skin from the Skies.

Flying can be a challenging situation for your skin, no matter what continents and climates you are switching between and how regularly you do it. 365 Aviation – one of the best-chartered airline companies in the world – asked their customers for their best advice when it comes to looking good when arriving at your destination.

Achieve healthy skin from the skies

‘You Are What You Eat (and Drink)’

Try not to be drawn in by expansive and tempting wine lists as these will dehydrate you and your skin even more – try to stick to water to keep yourself and your skin looking fresh and hydrated.

Also, try and eat before your flight, and avoid eating big meals during the journey and only eating light meals where possible, as this will eliminate feeling sluggish and slow for the rest of the flight.


Adjust your Body Clock well in Advance’

Getting your body to adjust to a new time zone can be a struggle and one that most of us are unfortunate enough to have to experience. However, if you are travelling for business it can be exceptionally difficult, as it is commonly frowned upon to take a nap midway through a meeting. To combat this, adjust the time on your watch before you board the plane and try to visualise and act as if you are in that time zone, for example trying to sleep when it is the night in the destination you are travelling to.

Achieve healthy skin from the skies

Pay Particular Attention to your Skincare Regime’

Flying takes a lot of your skin, as it is deprived of oxygen due to the compressed environment and harsh air conditioning. Cleansing the face well and using an effective moisturiser can help tackle this, and we recommend the Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser and Face-Finishing Moisturiser.


‘Take Care of your Lips’

Just like the rest of your skin, your lips are prone to dehydration on flights, this can then lead to cracking chapped lips. Keep on top of this by upping the ante and using a lip balm that is richer than one that you would normally use at home.

Achieve healthy skin from the skies

‘Remember how Well-Connected your Private Charter Contact is.’

In-flight beauty treatments, as well as hair and makeup, are regular requests for your private jet charter team and they will have a list of some of the world’s best mobile therapists who can make themselves available to you all over the world at the drop of the hat.

‘Travel Time is Precious Time’

Whilst being in the air may be a great place to catch up on some work with very few distractions, however make the most of this distraction-free time by relaxing as well – especially if you are going on a business trip that is looking likely to be busy and hectic.

Achieve healthy skin from the skies

‘Try an In-Flight Multitasking Elixir’

Designed with travelers in mind, Annee de Mamiel’s signature Altitude Oil was selected by Vogue for its Centenary Beauty Hall of Fame and is now available complimentary on selected 365 Aviation flights. The inhalation essence enables travellers to keep a clear head and energised mind when constantly on the go. Just a few drops on a tissue helps to clear the mind and stimulate the senses.


‘Exercise to Alleviate Jet Lag’

Granted, if you are walking straight off the jet and into the boardroom for a day of meeting this isn’t alway possible, however, if you land in the evening try and make the most of your hotel’s pool and gym facilities by going for a swim or doing a gentle workout to help gain a decent night’s sleep

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