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5 Valentine’s Day Fitness Ideas

The thought of combining fitness and dating probably doesn’t appeal to many people. Not looking your absolute best, getting hot and sweaty whilst also trying to enjoy some quality time together may seem a little incongruous. However, there are plenty of benefits to fitness-focused dates that we simply overlook. Rather than opting for the standard dinner date, participating in a sporting event can bring so much more fun and laughter into your relationship. Dating expert Charlie Spokes, the founder of ‘My Friend Charlie’, shares her top Valentine’s Day fitness ideas that are certain to bring you a bundle of laughs, with the unexpected possibility of a little romance!

Gym Classes
Valentine's Day Fitness Ideas

Couples who work out together, stay together!’. We’ve all heard this motto, having seen it appear numerous times across social media. But the reality is that working out together can be hugely beneficial. It allows you to motivate one another whilst enjoying yourselves, knowing that you’re doing something good.

Mutual encouragement and support during a spin class or circuit can really boost your morale and confidence! Whether this occurs at the beginning or end of the day, it’s a great way to share some intimacy and quality time!


Valentine's Day Fitness Ideas

Fitness dates don’t always have to be about getting sweaty and pushing yourself to the limit. A fantastic day out that involves a fitness element is ice-skating! Research has shown that ice-skating can burn roughly 300 calories per hour making this a guilt-free, unique date alternative.

Ice-skating is perhaps one of the most romantic activities you can participate in, especially if you manage to find an outdoor arena with music playing. Skating along the ice together always makes for an enjoyable evening and who would say no to burning calories whilst you do it?! Research your local ice rink and find out if they’re hosting any special Valentine’s Day events. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are, skating is always fun! Whether you’re already in a relationship or on the hunt for love, this light-hearted activity could be your ticket to romance!

Tag Rugby

Valentine's Day Fitness Ideas

Think you’re the next Johnny Wilkinson? Then why not try your hand at tag rugby! Although many might be put off by the thought of rugby being a rather intense game, tag rugby is actually a fantastic way to let off steam, bond with your date and meet other couples too. It’s also much easier to access than you think!

For example, My Friend Charlie are hosting ‘The Valentine’s Day Tag Rugby Challenge’, allowing singletons to meet sporty, like-minded singles whilst having fun. Participating in team sports makes for a great opportunity to let your hair down, relax and have fun mingling with new people.  

Dance Classes

Valentine's Day Fitness Ideas

What could possibly be more romantic than going to a dance class and learning a beautiful routine? Whether it’s the Waltz, Tango or Quickstep, dancing is a great way to create a spark between one another, allowing you to share a wonderful level of intimacy. An added benefit to dancing is that it’s also a really good way of keeping fit!

If you’re looking to take a dance class that involves a fast-tempo routine, you’ll be burning a high number of calories without even thinking about it. It also means you’ll be able to continue learning your dance outside of the class, making for a fun new hobby!


Valentine's Day Fitness Ideas

Swimming is said to be one of the most effective ways to lose weight and keep fit, so why not integrate this into your Valentine’s Day diary? Whether it’s planning to do a full-blown work out or relaxing in the jacuzzi, swimming offers the best of both worlds.

For more information on My Friend Charlie’s dating events, please visit www.myfriendcharlie.co.uk

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