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Age Before Beauty


Our resident ‘how-to’ writer puts forward the case for botox and filler treatments before you turn 30.


As I approach my 30th birthday, I have been researching facial aesthetics. Having previously tried and tested facial fillers before; lips and cheekbones due to the Instagram-beauty wave that filtered through my millennial generation (thank you Kylie Jenner), I now deemed it time to look at a few lines and (shock horror) wrinkles that were starting to appear around my eyes and my mouth! I’ve been in need of eye cream for a few years now, but I’m unsure how well they actually work as a preventative. I wanted to investigate a more hard-core and sustainable solution, which presented themselves as facial sculpting and botox. Below is my show-and-tell of the treatments I received and, two weeks on, how they’ve affected my outward look of beauty and aging before leaving my twenties forever. 


Facial Sculpting with Dr Nina 

Where: Chelsea Private Clinic, just off the Kings Road.

What is it: Facial Sculpting is a conceptual feat rather than a standard surgical procedure. Dr Nina helps to emphasise the balance of individual facial features giving clients a rejuvenated look and feel to their face. Upon arrival, I had a little consultation with Dr Nina, talking about what exactly I would like to improve and, having listened quite intently on my wants and needs, Dr Nina took a few measurements of my face and told me what she thought would work best. I personally think it’s really rather important that any cosmetic surgeon should first and foremost listen to the client and work together to create the best outcome, having had some tumultuous experiences with past Doctors, but fortunately, that is exactly what Dr Nina offers.


Results: I had both my tear-trough and jawline fillers done, to balance out my under-eye bags which are unfortunately genetic (I get enough sleep), I was also told that I had zero fat on my face which tends to create a sallow effect on my jawline and chin, so with these jawline fillers, I have a more defined face which gives asymmetric look I hadn’t had before. The treatments only took ten minutes to do and I left looking more revitalised than I had in my teenage years. 

Chelsea Private Clinic, The Courtyard, 250 Kings Rd, London SW3 5UE

Tel: +44 (0)7340 093939



Botox with Dr Sanjay & Dr Zoya

Where: Trikwan Aesthetics on Harley Street

What is it: Dr Sanjay and Dr Zoya are a beautiful (of course) married couple who specialise in natural enhancements, and for some unknown reason, knowing that they work together and on themselves gives a client a sense of ease, they are their own, wonderful, advertisement. Having never tried botox before, I was something of a nervous wreck upon entering Trikwan Aesthetics on Harley Street, so much so I had Dr Trikha use numbing cream on my face beforehand – only realising afterwards that it wasn’t necessary but I appreciated it all the same. I had far too many horror stories involving botox, but from my consultation with both Doctors, they made it clear that there was nothing to worry about, I was in good hands.

Results: From making as many silly faces as I possibly could to look at where my wrinkles were, Dr Trikha pin-pointed where I need the injectables and sure enough, it was mostly my frown lines, forehead and more-so on my right side above my eyebrow then the outer corners of my eyes where I had smiled a bit too gleefully throughout the years. The treatment was finished up in under ten minutes where I sashayed home, excited to see the final results within two weeks. 

Edit: Two weeks after, I hadn’t realised how scrunched up and wrinkled my face had been before botox. I was now line-free and looked brighter, younger and more awake than I had ever previously thought I could. What a miracle.

Trikwan Aesthetics 64 Harley Street, Marylebone, London W1G 7HB
Tel: +44 (0)7305058349



Now I’ve turned the magical age of thirty, I’ve actually never been or looked happier. My self-confidence has sky-rocketed and I am now free to make as many silly faces in photo’s as I would’ve prior to both treatments. The best thing is, both fillers and especially botox work as preventative measures so ageing lines and wrinkles will never be as deep-set as they would have been had not had both treatments. Now I’m poised and ready to become a ‘serious adult’ – who would’ve thought?!

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