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Apriori Luxury Toothbrushes

If you’re looking for something to revolutionise your daily routine, look no further than Apriori. Innovators in the world of oral care, Apriori have released two collections of exceptional luxury toothbrushes designed to look, feel and perform at the highest standards.

Apriori aim to bring the extraordinary to the everyday, creating products which are precisely crafted to represent the marriage of design and purpose, resulting in products which are beautiful to look at as well as effective to use. The brand uses materials and processes more commonly used in the watch industry, and employs a small team of artisans in the UK to painstakingly assemble, engrave and finish the products.

Founded by entrepreneur Kiril Guriev in 2015, the Apriori oral care range is the result of three years of in-depth research, painstakingly creating and refining designs, and searching for the very best materials. The process of creating Apriori products involves a small team of jewellery experts who are employed to hand finish, engrave and assemble the sleek toothbrushes. Each model requires 18 hours of finishing, engraving, and assembly after the manufacturing process is complete. This ensures that every customer receives a premium product that is and crafted and entirely unique.

The first collection, the Apriori Ceramic Edition toothbrushes are made from the finest ceramic materials, with high-gloss finishes and gold or silver features. The range is available in White/Gold (£990), White/Silver (£990), Black/Gold (£1090) and Black/Silver (£1090).

For those who want a sportier style, the Apriori Carbon Edition range feels more sleek and lightweight. The ultramodern and stylish design uses Italian forged carbon fibre, and has clearly taken style inspiration from the automotive and sports industries. Due to the unique nature of the material, no two toothbrushes are identical.  The Apriori Carbon is available in Gold and Silver editions  (both £790).

Finally, the impressive Extraordinary Edition showcases three very special toothbrushes: Extraordinary Solid Gold (£13,000); Extraordinary Hand Engraved, featuring hand-engraved stainless steel, (£5,900); and the Extraordinary Diamond Edition, featuring 512 sparkling diamonds in a pave setting, available in either White or Black (£17,500).

Each toothbrush comes with its own elegant travel case, a toothbrush holder, and two spare heads, one medium and one soft. The convenient holder is made of the materials as the toothbrush handle and has an anti-slip rubber base to ensure it stays in place. The elegantly designed travel case also follows this unified design, and enables customers to take their Apriori product with them whilst travelling. Each toothbrush carries a one-year warranty covering all manufacturing defects.

Apriori toothbrushes are available to buy via www.apriori.global.

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