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Back To The Salon – Stay Safe With Gary Ingham

We have all been desperate to get back into the hair salon. There’s nothing like that feeling when you leave the hairdressers, gloss fully returned and not a grey in sight. I don’t know about you but trying to dye my hair at home was a bit of a disaster and it never seemed to last.

For some the salon can be a slightly scary place since the world went topsy turvy. This isn’t because the hairdresser that has been looking after you for years is going to be distraught at what you have done with your hair during lockdown, but because we still all need to stay safe. For most of us, especially women, appointments can last a couple of hours – during which the hairdressers can get quite busy, leaving customers feeling quite anxious.

If there’s anywhere safety of its customers has been a top priority, it’s at Gary Ingham. They have taken every measure to ensure that each customer’s visit with them is safe and that the customer feels comfortable. In the Hampstead salon they have rebuilt the salon into individual pods and at Primrose Hill, the salon is running at minimum capacity. The team have also thought about the environment – you will not see any landfill perspex in sight. They have worked with artisan Marco Merlini to build something super-safe, which fits in with the deco of each salon and doesn’t make your experience any less special.

On arrival at the salon I was given a temperature check and asked to sanitise my hands. All of the staff were wearing appropriate PPE and social distancing of two metres between customers was put in place. At Gary Ingham they feel that government guidelines are somewhat lacking, therefore have taken guidance from around the world, as well as leading industry bodies. They have gone above and beyond to create a new way of hairdressing that still makes you feel like you are having that luxury experience.

For me it was a special moment to sit back in the salon chair and have that normal conversation once again with my hairdresser – even though he wasn’t too impressed with what I’d managed to do to my hair in the last three months. During my time in the salon there was only one other customer to make sure that everyone felt comfortable, they have also extended their opening hours to create more opportunity to book.

Once my colour was ready to wash off, I was taken to the basins which have been separated by screens. This is always my favourite part, I find having my hair washed so relaxing and the massage was such a treat.

After a cut and blow dry, my gloss and shine was back and my greys had disappeared. I felt like me again. If you are looking for a luxury salon experience, with no worries for your safety then make sure you make an appointment at Gary Ingham.


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