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Chateau de Vallery, a destination without boundaries

For future bride and grooms looking to host their wedding in a Chateau for more than a day and one that can accommodate half of the couple’s guests with no time restrictions – look no further, as The Sybarite thinks it’s found the ideal gem of a Chateau, where freedom and space is everything.

You will often find, that on your search for the ideal Chateau, most will have time restrictions in how long you can dance and drink the night away, if not the capacity to accommodate guests overnight. It seems that there is always that “win or lose” situation when venue hunting for your wedding celebration – either you host your guests for a reception at a fancy restaurant by which it then becomes the dance floor for evening festivities only to manage to say farewell (if one is sober enough by then) to everyone and realize that it went by all too quickly, there was not substantial time to ask how everyone was. Most celebrations might happen that way and most couples might prefer it that way too, but if you’re one of those couples who have big families and intend to invite many guests (especially guests flying in from abroad) but prefer to have time for intimate gatherings and conversations, than why not consider renting out an entire Chateau that is exclusive to you and your guests only, for 1 or 2 nights?

A Chateau offering full use/exclusivity is Chateau de Vallery, located in a rather isolated village between Fontainebleau and Sens, and only an hour’s away from Paris. Convenience? Check! A venue boasting renaissance history, the Chateau dates back to 1548, when it was acquired by Saint-Andre Marshal of France for the sum of 95 thousand pounds. Today, the Chateau is made up of 5 distinctly spacious halls, one of which includes the vaulted 12th century wine cellars and 28 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 60 guests.

Chateau de Vallery - Garden
Garden in Chateau de Vallery

The Chateau has been designed specifically to cater for festivities and wedding celebrations, and can accommodate parties whether big or small. To give an example of what a couple can expect during a 1 or 2-night stay – on the eve of your big day, welcome your guests and let them settle into the Chateau’s Balinese styled rooms after which you might choose to hold wine tastings in the cellar. At dusk, choose to have dinner in the Riyadh over tagine and mint tea whilst enjoying some belly dancing or opt for a barbeque, which can also be catered for.

The big day has arrived and there are a variety of spaces to have your ceremony or exchange your vows – whether it is the church opposite the Chateau, a flower-laden chuppah in the rose garden, by the big Buddha beneath his tree or even at the foot of the Sycamore for a more spiritual touch. Should there come rain, the ceremony will take place in the Chateau’s Grand Galerie – the décor is absolutely up to you. Afterwards buffet tables are laden out in the Closerie Garden and in the Music Room with a candle-lit dinner in the Salle des Tentures with its trompe-l’oeil in sumptuous fabrics measuring over 500m2. In the grounds, a thousand torches flicker until dawn.

To end the spectacular celebration, fireworks or a bonfire set to music can also be set up on the grounds of the Chateau, where guests will then dance the night away…

The day after, everyone can have a late lie in and wake up to breakfast by the pool – now how is that for a wedding not only you, but your guests can savor?

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