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Create your own Swiss timepiece

As a dedicated watch collector or enthusiast, you may not be so keen to build your own watch, as you would rather leave such intricacies to genuine watchmakers. But what if you had all the quality components in front of you, a Swiss watchmaker beside you to guide you in creating your own genuine Swiss timepiece? Not only will you have made it yourself, but the learning experience will certainly enhance your knowledge in watchmaking technique, beauty and tradition.  

Independent Swiss watch company Cimier has been manufacturing watches since 1924. Today their expert watchmakers craft and design all timepieces in-house. This includes their special creation, the BIGMatic automatic model, which is based on the Unitas calibre 6497-1. Their philosophy? ‘Our design does not follow fashion – it is timeless.’


The Cimier atelier houses its own Watch Academy in Baar, Switzerland, where individuals are able to learn, engage and produce their own special timepiece in true Swiss watchmaking tradition. Cimier’s master watchmaker will share secrets of their métier. Then participants assemble their own unique pieces, choosing from various dials, hands, straps, engraved casebacks and other fine Cimier components.

The atelier can take a maximum of 15 participants at a time for a 4.5-hour workshop priced at 1,650 CHF. This includes one mechanical watch (Model Petite Seconde, 6102).


For the non-traditionalist watch enthusiast, Reuters reports that ‘smaller watchmakers are tapping into the Web with a novel proposition for buyers: a custom-designed watch, built-to-order and delivered in 10 days’. 121Time is one such watchmaking company: Their online store offers customized and personalized certified Swiss watches. ‘“We are special,” said Daniel Morf, one of 121time’s co-founders. “Technology now enables the consumer to create his or her own watch.”’

The only setback? With jewellery and watches, individuals usually will want to hold the product in hand before purchasing. We can’t deny, however, that it is still an enticing option to easily choose your certified watch model and ‘build’ it on the Web.


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