| Karin Bylund

For the American folk, A New Tailor about Town

The art of having a perfectly tailor made suit is still relevant today as it were in the past but with the advancement of technology, there is one company that takes tradition and technological advancement to the fore by way of smartphone.  

Introducing zTailors an “on-demand personal tailoring service that gives everyone an opportunity to look their best with just a tap of their smartphone”. Convenience? Certainly. George Zimmer, who has been an advocate for tailors throughout his career – and founder and former CEO of the Men’s Wear-house – launched zTailors connecting crafted tailors and consumers through personalized customer experience utilizing digital technology.


Well into his mid-60’s this is one dapper entrepreneur that is taking the craft of tailoring to your door. It is almost like booking an Uber except your booking your own clothing alterations specialist. Each of zTailor’s specialists have at least five years of experience on hand assuring that customers can expect quality.

How does it work? Simple! Simply head to the zTailors website to schedule in a suitable time for a tailor to come into your home or office for a complimentary fitting and wardrobe consultation. Once the appointment is completed, cashless payment can be made for easy convenience, and all one need do is wait within a week for the tailored outfit to be delivered where one can confirm the fit and comfort “anything less than perfect can be returned for complimentary adjustments”.

Besides men’s suits, zTailors also has its expertise in women’s alterations from shirts, jackets to skirts and dresses.

Note zTailors is only available throughout the US.

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