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For the tourist-goer this is not for you – Bali’s best kept secret.

An otherworldly place away from the maddening tourist crowd is a slice of tranquility and Zen at Bali’s Puri Sebatu. Located off the beaten track, crossing many a rice fields, small villages and lakes you could not imagine that a resort would be this remote. Once the car reaches the inclined hill, you find yourself atop a historical village greeted by the sounds of xylophone music, the smell of fresh air and a view that has you deeply exhaling that tension away. It is quite an experience for the Bali holiday goer as there aren’t too many guests either. It feels private and quite frankly, it feels wonderful. In short, it is a true find.


The aim for the Puri Sebatu Resort is to offer its guests a place of tranquility and respite from the many tourists who often holiday in Bali. That is why its location is rather difficult to find but The Sybarite promises you that upon reaching, one will find that this is a truly special escape. Its design “incorporates traditional Balinese architecture. Guests are surrounded by the textures and color of nature, dressed slate, terracotta floor, smooth unpainted wood, soft homespun fabrics, intricate worked copper, fragrant alang-alang grass roofing, natural bamboo, rough cut stone, flowers and foliage”

Each guest is accommodated in their own private hut accented with Balinese interior of earthy light tones. The terrace and bathroom are perhaps the most spectacular of all, as it overlooks the lush greenery and rice paddies of which surround the resort. One might never want to get out of the bathtub with such a spectacular view. With the resort being so remote and with only a few staff on hand, one might at first anticipate and initially feel skeptical towards the capability of services provided and whether all can be fulfilled – but we have tried it and it is safe to say that the services attended to by the small number of staff were impeccable, to the point that we knew each member of staff on a friendly basis. From the freshly made dishes, in-room massages to the chauffeur service – the staff of Puri Sebatu made everything as smooth as cream.

bali6Each morning or afternoon, Puri Sebatu provides daily Yoga sessions from its Yoga Instructor, who will guide one through the moves on the resort’s outdoor bamboo podium – a great way to start the day. After the yoga session one might want to take a dip, as temperatures tend to rise throughout the day– the outdoor pool is a beauty in itself as it too overlooks the mountains and rice paddies offering a completely uninterrupted view. Then, one might want to head on back to their rooms for an in-room spa experience but note that you will have to book your appointment a head of time. Since the resort is remote, one set back is the availability of staff on hand, therefore arranging appointments before hand helps the resort organize such details more efficiently.

bali 5


For an appetizing dinner, the resort’s chauffeur will gladly drive one downtown to Ubud where one can find a plethora of dining options. The Chauffeur graciously waits while guests dine through the evening before taking them back to the resort. It is  always a kind gesture to leave a little tip as well.

There are an array of spiritual and cultural activities that can be organized by the staff. We recommend the blessing ceremony, visiting the coffee plantation where you can taste different types of coffee – the most expensive and known coffee is the Kopi Luwak made from beans passed through a Civet Cat’s digestive system. It does not sound pleasing but it is a unique experience all the same.

The experience sets you apart from the crowd and offers you a taste of a truly unique Bali experience that will have you coming back for more.

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