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Get up close and personal with these famous guinea pig adventurers

For the adventurer and exploration enthusiast head on over to the playful environment that is Mr. Foggs this September 14th, for a captivating evening with the intrepid adventure guinea pigs, the Turner Twins.

Mr. Foggs will be hosting an explorer’s series and what better way to start the program than with the fearless twins who have dedicated their lives to venture onto physically and mentally challenging voyages around the world. It began when brother Hugo succumbed to a tragic freak accident that led to a broken neck ultimately requiring a neck reconstruction and many months of recovery. Soon after, when Hugo was able to get back up on his feet, along with his brother Ross, the two set about their lives going the unconventional route – taking on challenging quests, which combine pioneering medical research and unique studies of historic expeditions. There could not be a more fitting venue than at Mr. Foggs – a cocktail bar reminiscently styled in the period where Phileas Fogg would have lived after travelling Around the World in 80 Days.

Top of Lenz rock 4,800m

Guests can expect to be taken on the ultimate journey through the world’s harshest environments with a 40-minute talk given by the twins at precisely 7:31pm followed by a 40 minutes Q&A session. The Turner brothers not only take on their expeditions but also make use of the platform to raise the necessary funds in order to increase awareness of the charity, organizations and sponsors. Their latest expeditions include rowing across the Atlantic Ocean in 2011, trekking across Greenland in 2014 and currently are in plans to climb Mt Elbrus where they hope to understand the effects of high altitude on the human body to aid in expanding medical knowledge.

This is an event you would not want to miss, as you will be able to ask these fearless duos questions up close and personal. You don’t even have to get out of your seat for it.

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