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Gin Lovers Unite with Ask For Janice and Graphic Bar Collaboration

When news of two gin bars from opposite sides of the city were working together on a brand new and exciting collaboration broke, our ears pricked up here at The Sybarite. We like gin at The Sybarite. A lot.
So we headed down to find out what the deal was with The Graphic Bar’s residency at Ask For Janice and we were blown away.

Ask for Janice are based near Smithfield Market in east London, and pride themselves on their gin selection. With over 50 variations, many of which local, it’s not hard to see why.

Graphic bar is permanently located in SoHo and has a counter on their website notifying visitors that they currently have 305 types of gin on their shelves. However, they have also recently taken up residence in the basement of Ask For Janice.

When we arrived at Ask For Janice we were greeted and guided down the stairs to the basement bar where the venue just came alive. It was dark and atmospheric with most of the light coming from behind the bar, with the other main light source being the giant neon sign on the wall Spelling out Ask For Janice which was surrounded by tonnes of polaroids of previous customers.

When we opened the menu we knew instantly we were going to have to ask for help with our choices as there were so many different variations and cocktails to choose from.When we did ask for help we were met by the bar staff who were more than happy to help by pointing out recommendations or making alterations for us.

The side plate menu was relatively limited, however, there was something for everyone. As we tucked into our feast of pickles (trust me) and flatbread we noticed just how perfectly seasoned it was, as it was salty but not overbearing.

We absolutely recommend paying a visit to the Graphic Bar at Ask For Janice in Farringdon, it’s perfect for secluded date nights, catching up with friends and catching up before Christmas with distant friends from University.

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