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Help your newborn get the perfect nights sleep with The Sybarite’s top sleep solutions

A peaceful night’s sleep is important not just for your newborn but for the whole family. Here at The Sybarite we have reviewed some of the best products out there to help your little one stay safe and calm while helping them drift off.


Most mums have heard of the Sleepyhead Pod, the ultimate multi-functional pods for babies and toddlers. It can be used as a fabulous tool for safe co-sleeping, it can be placed in your bed, baby’s bassinet or cot or it can be used as a portable baby bed that you can take with you anywhere. Plus you can also use it when your baby is awake, for lounging, or as a play pod, for tummy time. I always wished that I had purchased one for my little boy when he was small, as I believe it would have helped him sleep much more soundly and stopped all the wake ups. So when I found out I was expecting our second child, it was the first thing on my list!

When it arrived I was very excited as everything about this product oozes luxury, from the packaging, to the material, to the gorgeous designs.  Since my little boy was young, it has been updated and now features side loops to attach the award-winning Sleepyhead light weight and portable Toy Arch. Not only is the pod breathable, hypoallergenic and super soft, but it is also extremely lightweight and easily portable, allowing you to move it from upstairs to downstairs, room to room or take it on your travels. And it’s super easy to clean. You just unzip, strip off the cover and pop it in the washing machine.  Retailing for around the £130 mark, it is a lot pricier than most Moses baskets or cribs and does seems an awful lot to pay out when you already have so many other things to buy for your baby. But don’t be put off by the price, it’s worth every single penny.




Grobag started the baby sleep bag revolution back in 2000 and now over 95% of parents in the UK now use baby sleep bags, making traditional top sheets and blankets a relic of the past. I have always been a massive fan of the Grobag range and even now my 3 year old sleeps in a Gro to Bed and uses his Gro Clock to know when it’s time to get up. So for our newest arrival I ordered the Groswaddle which helps baby feel cuddled and safe. And if our new baby is anything like our little boy was, they are going to love being swaddled.  

The special shaped pocket design ensures legs are in a hip healthy position so you don’t have to worry about over tightening, and it wraps around your baby with no need for complicated folding or fastenings – which makes it so easy to use. It is perfect for naps or night-time and an ideal first step before moving into their first Grobag Baby Sleep Bag.

I also wanted to make sure I had Gro Bag and opted for the Interstellar Sparkle Jacquard Grobag, which has a lovely star design and is gender neutral. At 2.5 tog this is perfect for the time of year when the nights are still cold. This wearable blanket keeps baby at a comfortable temperature all night long, features double poppers on the shoulders and also opens out flat for easy night time nappy changes. I really hope The Gro Company continue to add to their brilliant range as everything is always of such a high quality and is one of my favourite baby brands.




The Moses Basket originated after Moses was left in a cradle of bulrushes and has since then been a staple in many new parents lives. But if you want to stay ahead of the crowd for innovation then the Moba Moses Basket is for you.  Launched in 2012, the award winning hygienic Moba was created from a need to make a modern Moses basket that not only challenged the norm, but was strong, durable, and trendy. With over 300 air holes around the sides and base of the basket the Moba Moses basket, which is designed and made in the UK, offers maximum ventilation and promotes airflow. It’s also made from a bespoke plastic that is anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic, so it can also be thoroughly washed, making it extremely hygienic.

The Moba Moses Basket has many features which all parents will love, including it’s lightweight structure, making it easy to carry around the house and also it is completely silent so no more rustling and creaking wicker! It has also been designed without as hood, as they restrict airflow to your baby, creating a heat pocket and also prohibiting vision, whereas in a Moba you can see your baby from all angles.



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After spending nine months in your tummy, your newborn needs to adapt from a fœtal position in which they felt safe and protected to a lying position stretching their unused and undeveloped abdominals. The Babymoov Cosy Dream creates a smaller, more snug space for your baby to sleep, adapting perfectly to their shape. I was always really worried about my little boy getting a flat head from the way he slept. This product has a built in head positioner which helps to prevent flat head syndrome and the removable leg bolster helps to keep legs in a natural position.

The Cosy Dream, can be used in cots and flat surfaces, including in the moses basket and can also be used when the baby is being swaddled.  I really found this product useful in the pram, as the baby can roll around if you are not on a completely flat surface. The Cosy Dream kept baby snug and secure and more importantly – fast asleep.




Getting the atmosphere right in your little ones room is the start to a good night’s sleep. Kiki the Kitten Star Projector will transform your child’s bedroom into a magical starry night sky, whilst playing a choice of soothing melodies to help them drift off. Kiki has a range of sounds: heartbeat, nature sounds or gentle lounge music, as well as an energy saving auto shut off feature. One of the best features of this cute little kitten is that is can also be voice activated and the star projector will switch on if your baby starts crying – which can help baby back to sleep without any intervention.


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