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Parents-to-Be in Search of a Nursery Designer: Look No Further Than Gigi Brooks Bespoke

For new parents-to-be, nothing in the world is more joyous than welcoming a first child. Taking the newborn home is a wondrous moment in itself.

Enter Gigi Brooks, the luxury lifestyle brand that creates magical bespoke nurseries, serving clients worldwide. Noted for their beautiful, imaginative and detailed creations, Gigi Brooks also offers a special range of children’s furniture and interior accents to create a world of play for your little ones. Whatever you fancy, they will create it down to the most intricate of details. As Gigi Brooks director Ali Lovegrove said in a recent Billionaire interview, their goal is ‘to create one of a kind pieces, gifts or interiors that are as unique as the person they are for’ – the very definition of ‘bespoke’.

Gigi_loves_4_1Since their designs are solidly based on their clients’ wishes, Gigi Brooks has a wide-ranging portfolio of very intimately designed children’s rooms. Refinement is the common thread – luxury and detail going hand in hand. To give you an idea of the bespoke services offered, the team accepts one-off commissions to complete room designs anywhere in the world and in any space of the client’s choosing, be it a house, a hotel or a private yacht.

For clients based outside London, the popular ‘Distance Design’ option is the best choice. This service includes simple recommendations, tailored presentations and everything in between, enabling the client to visualize the design in progress and allowing both sides to have input. Then, clients receive samples and swatches to confirm what they want for their children’s rooms. The entire process is managed via email or phone. Gigi Brooks promises its clients simplicity and efficiency, saying it works with ‘the very best couriers, shippers and delivery companies worldwide [to] ensure every detail is taken care of and the pieces arrive with you safely, no matter your location’.

We recommend Gigi Brooks for children’s rooms that evoke a world of imagination. Even parents might find themselves in a world of play when in a Gigi Brooks room.

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