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Discover Karine Jackson: London’s most Luxurious Organic Hair Salon

Karine Jackson is a super luxurious hair salon, in a fabulous location just two doors down from The Ivy in London.  Spanning two floors of a large Victorian building, it has been decorated with an exquisite modern feel. Having held so I was ready for my holiday, my hair colour was well overdue and my fringe had totally grown out. I was really looking forward to what the stylist had in mind for my lifeless locks.

I arrived on a wet, blustery, dark winter’s evening – still feeling slightly manic from my day in the office, however within minutes the calming atmosphere of the salon had rubbed off and I started to relax.  The salon’s owner Karine is originally from Australia but came to London to train with Charles Worthington before setting up on her own in 2003. She is famous for only using Organic Colour Systems hair colouring that is ammonia free with fewer chemicals. I was interested to see if it covered my greys as well as normal.


After a quick consultation with my stylist Al, who assured me he knew exactly what colours and techniques would work best on my hair, he got started. After mixing up my chosen colours he performed the relatively new process of ‘stretch’ – which sees the colour applied to the crown and then pulled down into the hair. Then to complement this a lighter colour was added to the length of the hair using the technique of balayage.


Karine Jackson not only offers a great range of hair services, but also an extensive range of beauty treatments, including facials, body treatments, Caci, hair removal and men’s treatments.


Next came my favourite moment, a head massage as the colour was removed and a power building product was added to my hair.  Over too quickly, it was time for a cut and blow dry before my final colour was revealed.  As Al began to dry my hair, the colour started to show through and I was absolutely delighted.  With lighter tones through the ends and darker roots, it looked fresh and was perfect for this time of year – my greys were also well covered.


The one thing I noticed most about the salon was just how happy all the staff were to be working there, which could be down to the fact that training is one of the top priorities there.  All the staff are up-to-date with the world hair trends, meaning there is never time to get bored.


I’m delighted to have found Karine Jackson’s salon and will definitely be returning, and you never know next time I may be even more adventurous…This could become addictive!



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