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Vivienne Westwood Calls On Fashion Industry To Switch To Green Energy

Renowned British fashion designer and climate change campaigner Vivienne Westwood is calling on the fashion industry to set a new trend by switching to renewable energy – hoping to get half of the UK powered by green energy.

Renowned British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has long been an active and vocal campaigner for action against climate change, now powering most of her her fashion business with green energy. She is now campaigning for both the fashion industry and the public to switch from harmful and infinite fossil fuels to sustainable green methods, even naming her Autumn-Winter 17/18 London Fashion Week show ‘Ecotricity’.

Vivienne Westwood said: “We must all demand a fast transition to clean energy. We require a Green Economy for human life to remain sustainable and flourish.

“It is so ridiculously easy to switch to green energy.”

Currently, most of Westwood’s UK-based premises are powered by green energy and green gas, aiming to be entirely supplied by Ecotricity by next year.

Ecotricity founder, Dale Vince, said: “Switching to green energy is the biggest single thing – and the easiest thing – that any business or person can do to cut their emissions that cause air pollution and climate change.

“It’s great to see Vivienne taking this step and setting out a target to have half of Britain powered by green energy.

“And it’s not as madly ambitious as it sounds because last year 25% of our electricity came from green energy – so it can be done and we are right behind this goal.”

Green is the new black, people.

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