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“Failure is not an option when you are a mother”: Meet skincare company founder Lorena Öberg

The Sybarite spoke to skincare company founder Lorena Öberg about the inspirations behind starting her business, her favourite treatments, and lessons she’s learnt as an entrepreneur.

Where did the idea to start Lorena Öberg Skincare come from and what challenges did you face?

It was out of necessity – I needed a plan to start a new successful career to support my family. The idea of starting a skincare business came from a suggestion from a friend and it was also a personal interest of mine. I thought I could go and make something of it! I found during the journey of starting Lorena Öberg Skincare, being funded was a struggle. At first, when I walked into the bank to get a business loan, I felt as if I was looked down upon because I am a mother and a woman. But ever since my business has become a success, and I have proved myself as an entrepreneur, I feel like I am now looked at as more of an equal.

What would you say your biggest motivation to succeed was?

My children and family – failure is not an option when you are a mother.

Do any fellow businesswomen or mumpreneurs inspire you?

I admire Caprice – she is a hard working, intelligent and passionate businesswoman.

You are known to pioneer and create your own treatments and products, how do you do it and where do you get your inspiration from to create services/products such as DermaEraze, Miracle Oil and your crepey skin treatment?

It was out of necessity – I had a difficult upbringing and was led down a path that enabled me to spot the gaps in the market and create treatments to fill them. I wanted to provide things that were not possible.  Essentially, this is how my bespoke treatments came about.

Lorena Oberg interview entrepreneurWhat is your favourite treatment to perform?

Eyeliner Migration. As its very specialised, you need to be very experienced and have a very steady hand! Basically, Eyeliner Migration is a bespoke treatment for removing permanent eyeliner. You can see instant results, which is very satisfying. Being able to give immediate results for someone who was previously told nothing can be done about it.

How would you describe your approach to clinical beauty?

I would say it’s more of a holistic approach. Where I view it in a complimentary way – it is a combination of spiritual, physical and emotional.

What would you say the highlight of your career so far is?

It feels like every day is a new height for me to be honest. Every day introduces me to new things. It is like a snowball effect. There’s more to come and it’s exciting. There have been so many highs on this journey.

Throughout your journey, what would you say your biggest lesson has been?

There is no such thing as competition. I don’t believe in having competitors – we are all colleagues.  It is key to network with like-minded people and join forces. That is what really makes us successful.

Your story is such an inspirational one. If you could give one piece of advice to our readers, what would it be?

Be true to yourself. Do what you feel is right and never compromise. Always choose integrity first.

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