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Mastering Modern Wellness – An Interview with Paris Angelika

Founder and CEO of Premium Wellness, Paris Angelika has mastered the art of modern wellness. Providing fitness and wellbeing retreats to a global audience, Paris has found the magic formula, mixing exercise and wellness with the beautiful cultural experiences that the island of Mykonos is famous for. The Sybarite sat down with Paris to chat about the appeal of fitness travel and why you should book your place on the Mykonos Wellness experience.

Interview with Paris Angelika
Paris Angelika
How and why did you start creating wellness retreats?

Wellness is a lifelong story for me. Since my early years I’ve been working out by doing different sports and activities and this has never stopped. Wellness for me is a lifestyle concept, I cannot imagine my life without movement, positive attitude and healthy nutrition. It’s a blessing when your passion becomes your vision and can express itself through a business concept. We offer a customised experience to individuals or corporations who share the same philosophy: they choose to live a life full of experiences and opportunities for growth, and live their life to the fullest.

How are your travel experiences unique?

We combine unique destinations, luxurious environments, inspiring teachers and wellness specialists, and local cultural experiences. Our extensive experience and knowledge of the market allows us to come up with creative and innovative ideas and unique concepts. Our mission is to inspire and empower people on their journey to self-improvement.

Why did you want to hold a retreat in Mykonos and what do you think is so special about it?

Mykonos is one of the most beautiful Greek islands offering high standards of services and attracting travellers from all over the world. The retreat will be an exclusive experience offering a variety of activities and services inside ALEGRIA Estate, a 7 star awarded venue, and in exclusive spots around the island that are a real must-see. We also have training provided by Ricardo, a well known wellness specialist from Brazil who inspires others with his philosophy, teachings, and passion for wellness. Participants will definitely leave the retreat full of memories, inspiring moments and new friends around the world!

Interview with Paris Angelika

Why do you think the integration of wellness and travel is important?

Nowadays travelling is the ultimate activity for self-development; opening our minds and souls to different cultures, images and experiences. Wellbeing is definitely in the centre of human focus as we develop and we seek more self improvement and self fulfilment. The combination of these two areas offer the ultimate environment for self change, self happiness and inspiration.

What do you think is the most important factor in holding a successful a wellness retreat?

The most important factor is the inspiration throughout the group. The vibes and the memories of the trip are what a participant will take back to their everyday life. Our retreats are journeys to self improvement. Our goal is that every participant will return to his life full of positive feelings such as happiness, fulfilment and gratitude.

What’s next for you and Premium Wellness?

Our next goal is to create more customised wellness retreats and experiences for friends, families and corporations around the world. Our vision is to create dream trips for people sharing their passion for wellness. We have managed to create a team of professionals who are focused in spreading their passion and inspiration around the world!

Book your place on the Wellness in Mykonos retreat here.

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