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Luxury living on a budget for students

Luxury living on a budget for students, with common areas including playrooms, dining areas, rooftops and even swimming pools and gyms.

Luxury student accommodation in London is fast making their appeal to university students and young graduates who opt for a higher and more comfortable way of living as opposed to old-fashioned dormitories. With a great number of students – especially those from abroad – a market has opened up for new developments to target this unique segment.

This month, The Sybarite finds out whether these student accommodations are value for money and essentially, what makes such accommodation hospitable for the student – at the end of the day, a student wants to feel relaxed and secure in their surroundings. From budget-friendly luxury accommodations such as Canto Court and Pure Student Living to premium luxury accommodation, The Nido, options will begin to be endless.

We would say, that each student accommodation property should be kitted out with the essentials, such as, easy location and convenience, free Wi-Fi, cleanliness, 24-hour security, and on-call maintenance, to on-site gym.  Whether you’re a university student currently looking for suitable accommodation, a post-graduate or a new university student from abroad, these student properties might have something for you.


Room options: Studios, two bedroom apartments and flat shares containing 6 ensuites as well as ‘cluster flats’

Rates: Rent is all-inclusive

Location: Urbanest currently has three locations including one that is a 4-minute walk to Old Street Tube station, one in Tower Bridge with the DLR two minutes away, and one conveniently located between King’s Cross and Camden.

Wi-Fi available: Superfast broadband with Internet access at speeds of up to 50mb in every room

24-hour security: Urbanest is ‘Secured by Design’ taking into account every part of the building. The property is fully protected by security systems of the highest standard assuring personal safety and each room comes with an electronic swipe system.

Extras: Each room contains under-floor heating and luxury showers as well as being sustainable with each room utilizing energy-efficient lighting and biomass boilers delivering carbon reduction energy performance.

Who’s it best for? All types of students

Canto Court 

Room options: Classic Ground Floor rooms and Premium rooms.

Rates: Rent is all-inclusive

Location: Centrally located in Zone 1 with walking distance to Barbican Theatre, Hoxton Square and Shoreditch and the closest station being Old Street just 3 minutes away.

Wi-Fi available: Free Wi-Fi throughout

24-hour security: 24/7 CCTV, with dedicated on-site management team to ensure safety and comfort.

Accreditation: Accredited by the National Code

Extras: Luxury student living, Canto Court provides games room; secure bike storage, TV lounges and is close to grocery stores, post offices, stationers, restaurants and coffee shops.

Who’s it best for? Students whose preferences lean towards aesthetics and location

Pure Student Living 

Room options: A variety of studios, penthouse suite, couple studios to couple ensuite studios.

Rates: Rent is all-inclusive.

Location: 5 central locations around London

Wi-Fi available: each room has 20 MB broadband

Cleanliness: a dedicated housekeeping service is on-site but in-room cleans are at an additional cost.

24-hour security: Yes

On-call maintenance: Pure Student Living has its own maintenance on-site and issues can be reported either online or at the front desk.

Accreditation: Accredited by ANUK

Extras: Outdoor courtyards, social spaces and a gym are on-site (included in the rent).

Overnight guests Visitors are welcome but will need to sign in and out when they visit to ensure safety.

Who’s it best for? Students that prefer an all-inclusive rent


Room options: From a variety of studios to ensuite bedrooms, there are almost too many choices for the selective student

Rates: Rent is all-inclusive

Location: Not only does iQBloomsbury have three locations around London (Kingston to open soon), but this student accommodation has its outposts across England as well. In London, they can be found at Shoreditch, Hoxton and Bloomsbury.

Wi-Fi available: Free 30mb broadband

Cleanliness: The student is responsible for their own rooms whilst communal areas, Social Hub, laundry and reception are maintained.

24-hour security: With CCTV in operation, secure key fob access and staff on-site 24/7.

On-call maintenance: Any time there’s something to be fixed, iQBloomsbury’s on-site maintance are there and they claim to fix a majority of issues within 24 hours.

Overnight guests: Yes but no subletting!

Accreditation: Accredited by ANUK

Extras: For those lacking confidence, iQBloomsbury is fully endorsed by the ANUK national body for accrediting Student Accommodation, meaning you can be rest assured that the property has been background checked by a team of experts. The properties boast their own onsite laundry, a free parcel collection service and a social hub where students can relax and socialise.

Who’s it best for? Socializers and international students

The Nido

Room options: Rooms are beautifully designed with picturesque views of West London from whitewashed studios to full ensuite apartments suitable for 4-8 people.

Rates: Rent varies from 43 week or 51 week contracts.

Location: One of the premium student accommodations located in the area of West Hampstead and Hampstead Heath.

Wi-Fi available: Connect up to 6 devices at a time with an upgrade option to 200 MB/s available.

Cleanliness: The Nido has its own housekeeping team available, all one need do is contact reception to arrange a preferred time.

24-hour security: A highly trained security staff on-site 24/7 is available while CCTV monitoring and security FOB system in place.

On-call maintenance: The Nido has its maintenance team available during the week and on emergency calls during weekends.

Extras: A contemporary student accommodation property, The Nido is kitted out with its own 24/7 gym, a Nido Shop where you can order things like kitchen appliances, beddings, and housekeeping services in the resident online portal, social spaces and a 24/7 concierge.

Who’s it best for? Students who prefer luxury/lifestyle living.


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