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Prague in 24 Hours: The Sybarite’s Guide to the Perfect City Break

Quaint, picturesque and bijou enough to see everything within one weekend, Prague is top of the list for a quick weekend break. Here’s our guide of what not to miss when you’ve got 24 hours to spend in this magical city.


Explore Old Town Square

At the heart of Prague, you’ll find Old Town Square, home to most of the city’s major sites, spiralling cobbled lanes and adorned in chocolate-box, fairytale charm. Alfresco eating, the booming thousand-year-old marketplace and hourly chimes of the world-famous Astronomical clock all cause the square to ripple with an irresistible energy. The best way to look around? Forget direction, forget logic and forget straight lines; they don’t exist here. Instead, pick a street, wander down it and lose yourself amid the 14th-century townscape.



Check out Charles Bridge/Karluv Most

Encapsulating Prague as a medieval metropolis, the stunning architecture of Charles Bridge or ‘Karluv Most’ to the Czechs, echoes the nostalgia of an older, lost Europe. Take a stroll across the bridge and you’ll find around thirty Baroque religious statues lining either side, buskers creating a soundtrack of Czech music and local people with makeshift stalls filled with trinkets, paintings and jewellery.



Climb up to Prague Castle

Named the largest ancient castle in the world, Prague castle dates back to the 9th century and offers panoramic, rooftop views of the entire city. There is a tram service which can take you up, however, the scenic, uphill walk through Hradcany is a much better route – make sure you stop to turn around every now and then to take in the incredible views behind you.There’s so much to see inside that it could occupy your entire day, so if you want to get back to exploring the city, prioritise the castle’s main feature, St Vitus Cathedral.  


Take a boat trip

One of the quickest and most enjoyable ways to see the sights of any city is to jump on a boat cruise. Prague Boats have plenty of fairly priced hour-long boat cruises available – just head down to Cechuv Bridge and you’ll be able to jump on. Most of the boats have an onboard bar and table service, so you can sink into ultimate relaxation and enjoy the unforgettable views while sipping on an Aperol Spritz.

Treat yourself to a Trdelník

As you wander around the city, you’ll notice people indulging in dreamy, ice cream filled Trdelník’s, otherwise known as ‘chimney cake’. Old Town Square is filled with kiosks serving the traditional Czech cinnamon-flavoured pastry, filled with your choice of ice cream. Super cheap and ultra-indulgent, treat yourself to one of these to top off your short but sweet holiday. Just make sure you eat it quickly – walking around with one of these turns you into a wasp magnet.


Have dinner in Old Town Sq at Al Minuto & drinks at Ku Bar

As nighttime hits Prague, the city is lit with a golden glow which makes it seem even more magical and an excitable nightlife energy buzzes around the square. Stop for dinner at Al Minuto, positioned in a quaint corner next to the Astronomical clock, where you can do some people watching and soak up the atmosphere. If you fancy a drink before heading back for the night, KU Bar (located in between Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, offers a great selection of innovative cocktails served by friendly bartenders.


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