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The Proposers – Putting a Ring on It

Bees buzzing, birds singing and people falling madly in love… Forget the cold and old cliché of bringing the new year in with an engagement – spring is the true time for love.

Daisy Amodio
The Proposers’ Daisy Amodio

The Proposers, a bespoke marriage proposal and romantic event planning company that has created over 650 proposals with a 100 per cent ‘yes’ success rate in the past four years alone, has heard, seen and done it all when it comes to proposal stories.

From dressing cats up as waiters and dogs as Disney characters to abseiling into caves and hiring James Bond’s speed boat, nothing is too much of a challenge for them when it comes to creating the ultimate proposal for their clients.

With this in mind, The Sybarite asked the professional proposal planners for five tips for the perfect proposal.

1. Location is key
When you propose make sure that you do it in a meaningful and memorable location! One of the most popular places to propose in London is The Shard. Why wouldn’t it be? The view is epic. Every city has its own unique landmark or venue that would make the perfect location for your proposal.

2. Your proposal can also be fun
Why not consider organising a treasure hunt as a proposal that is romantic and fun all in one? All you need to do is think of your partner’s favourite things and the places they like to visit. Then you need to come up with a way to get them to and from each place. For instance: you can also come up with unique and exciting things to happen at each spot. Perhaps organise for your partner to be serenaded with their favourite song by professional singers.

3. Do something spectacular
The Proposers recently organised an open-mic night proposal for a couple who love poetry. The proposal involved 21 West End singers, six amazing acts, one very funny Irish compare, a poem from the Groom-to-be and four hysterical poems about cats. The main event was the couples’ ‘song’ – Aerosmith’s I don’t want to miss a thing – which was sung by the singers, one by one, until everyone one in the room was singing.

4. Tailor the proposal to your partner
If your partner loves rainbow roses, make sure they’re present. If their favourite song is John Legend’s All of Me make sure it is playing in the background. Or print out cute little pictures of your lives together and put them in pretty frames of your partner’s favourite colour. It’s the little touches that might not seem like anything to you, which will make the proposal that much more special to them.

5. Fulfil a dream
Whether your partner loves caving, diving, skydiving, cooking, shopping, watching films or playing games you need to make sure that you fulfil that dream they’ve been wishing for since they were a child and propose in the way that they’d love.

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