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Punta Tragara – Where Your Spirit Lingers

Perched high above the Faraglioni rock formations sits a stupendous red stoned façade overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. It was here that the likes of Sir Winston Churchill and General Eisenhower resided during the Second World War using it as the base for their Allied forces. Post-wartime, Count Goffredo Manfredi purchased the establishment decidedly turning it into what Punta Tragara is today – a five-star oasis which has set the benchmark for luxury living in Capri.

To get here there are various options all depending on travel preferences. If you’re flying into Naples, the hydrofoil located at Molo Beverollo harbor is the best way. This takes approximately 55 minutes to reach Marina Grande, Capri’s main harbour. Punta Tragara’s hotel representative will await the arrival of its guests at the Marina and proceed to collect any suitcases before providing rehearsed directions to the hotel and tickets to the Funicular. Guests that prefer a more discreet and private option can ask the hotel to arrange their Gyrocopter or private yacht and scooter services. Arriving by Funicular, like we did, was a great way to introduce ourselves to the island and its myriad of restaurants, designer shops, and local arts and crafts.

The Views at Punta Tragara

September is high-season in Capri and therefore we were met with many tourists from the Marina to the Piazetta. From the Piazetta, the stroll up to Punta Tragara takes approximately ten minutes and the nearer the approach, the crowd is likely to disperse. You will know you have reached your destination when there is nowhere further to go as Punta Tragara sits at the edge of the cliff; all that’s in front of you is the red stone villa with uninterrupted views of the extraordinary sea and its rock formations peeking out from beneath the sea bed.

The Hall and Reception Area

Punta Tragara is made up of 44 rooms, 5 exceptional suites and one penthouse, including two swimming pools, a spa and gym, with two further restaurants to boot, one of which has earned a Michelin Star. Each of the rooms are outstanding in their own manner and have been designed so that each overlook some or part of the Tyrrhenian Sea. In terms of amenities and aesthetic, Punta Tragara’s tasteful and exquisitely thought out spaces define luxury Mediterranean living with style, class and comfort in mind. This is the place to be for the ultimate Mediterranean getaway, particularly for those seeking discretion and well-being. In the evening, the soothing sound of waves crashing against the rocks can easily serenade one to soft slumber, only to wake up to the astounding views of what Capri has to offer.

Suite Monacone
Certosa Suite

Around every corner at Punta Tragara, the unending sea somehow ceases to leave your sight.  One of its two pools offer remarkable undisturbed views and is the picture-perfect setting come sundown. Its second pool is smaller and more ideal for children and parents; it is also the perfect place to catch a tan or a nap amongst the rows of sunbeds that directly overlook the Faraglioni rocks; no need for TV here. The outdoor bar also offers an expert selection of gins, so you can wind down and dine to your hearts content.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Punta Tragara is the serenity and calm one finds here. Though it isn’t a hotel focused on wellbeing, it certainly ranks as a hotel that lifts your spirits. Although it has just a handful of rooms and it was high-season, we did not find ourselves amongst throngs of hotel guests waiting to use facilities. The rooms are such a retreat in themselves that it becomes an aspect that guests seem to look forward to; to simply retire to their tailored rooms and embrace it.  

Punta Tragara Penthouse
Le Monzu Restaurant

We took up residence in the incredibly seductive Suite Monacone, popular for its all-encompassing terrace that extends from the bedroom to the large living room. It is a room that begs you to stay, beckoning you to the calling of the waves, as leisurely as it looks in photos. With two marble-filled bathrooms, a large living area separate from the bedroom, and direct access to the terrace sprawled out with two sunbeds, it really can’t get much better than this. Of all the remarkable rooms however, the Art Suite is the one you’ll want to book. This one has a “bathtub “suspended” over the sea” with a terrace and views just as breathtaking. In this stunning suite, you wake up every morning with a ‘wow’.

The Art Suite
Punta Tragara Art Suite Bath

Service is discreet and hospitable, leaving guests to their own privacy yet inconspicuously attentive; a true mark of a five-star establishment. Its restaurant Le Monzu pays homage to both Capri and Neapolitan dishes, and, for lovers of seafood, even if the restaurant wasn’t a part of Punta Tragara, we’d still recommend it. All their dishes were delicious and a discovery of the Campania region and its cuisine. Its young Chef Lionetti delivers simple fare during lunch but gets inventive with the dinner menu, showcasing his talents for fresh local produce coupled with flavors that pair well with dishes from the sea.


Punta Tragara has its Michelin outpost restaurant, ‘Mamma’, which also serves phenomenal seafood focusing on Mediterranean produce. Try their Cuttlefish “Tagliatella”, made entirely out of Cuttlefish, or their popular Whole Fish of the Day encased in salt; a dish extremely popular with diners. The Roast Suckling Pig was delectable with Caramelized Pineapple, a taste bud distraction from the seafood galore. These two restaurants are ideal for a date, a night out or simply to enjoy and rediscover seafood with a Med-twist amidst a view that you can only find here. By contrast, Le Mozu is far quieter and more peaceful whilst Mamma is more engaged with Capri’s nightlife.

Punta Tragara’s Culinary Offering

Of course, there are a plethora of hotels that offer their own distinct character and luxury living appeal. Punta Tragara stands out as a hotel worth the stay and moreover, worth the discovery. As Capri is undoubtedly a very popular holiday destination, you’ll find that this brick red villa is a serene escape from the jammed Capri island madness. The best thing is, should you miss the bustling noise or get the shopping itch, the Piazetta is merely a leisurely stroll downhill. Otherwise, Punta Tragara stands for escape, luxury living and service, excellent cuisine and above all its location. This is what differentiates the hotel from the rest and is also what resonates with those that stay here.

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