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Q&A with Antonino Menard, owner of Menard Polo, on his love for the game

Where did your love of Polo come from? 

I started playing Polo when I was 6 years old, but I stopped playing for a couple years when I moved to a different town. One day I went to pick up my sister from a riding centre and found out that they also did Polo lessons. I tried it again and realised how much I loved it and it’s all I ever wanted to do since then.

Polo equipment and two horses in the field

What was the highlight of your Polo career?

Every time I travel around the world playing professionally and coaching the sport I love it’s a different highlight.

What inspired you to start Menard Polo?

I always wanted to transmit my love of Polo to every person I met and when I decided to be based in the UK, I realised that if I create this company I could get to more people and provide services that will make them enjoy this fantastic sport.

What does a Polo Holiday in Argentina with Menard Polo entail and what makes it so special?

Our Polo Holidays combine a high standard Polo and riding training with the possibility to discover beautiful landscapes and to be personalised and tailor to every client’s preferences makes every trip special.

Expanse of vineyard at foot of the snowy Andes. Uco valley, Tupungato, Mendoza, Argentina.

Is Polo for everyone? How would you advise a beginner to start?

Polo is for everyone, and that’s what I like to foment, even if you have never ridden before, after a couple of lessons you will be hitting the ball and start feeling the adrenaline. I would advise them to find a Polo school and give it a go and to focus a lot on the riding that is the base that will make you improve faster.

Do you see Polo keeping its popularity?

Polo it’s not very popular at the moment, we are trying to improve that by getting more people to discover it.

What has been your favourite travel destination and why?

My favourite travel destination is Patagonia, the landscape is beautiful and there are many activities to do, including playing Polo surrounded by mountains.

What has been your favourite experience – luxury or not – and why?

Visiting Iguazu was a wonderful experience, even though I saw many photos before to be able to get so close to the waterfalls and appreciate the power was something incredible.

Two human hands celebrating with glasses of red wine. Mendoza Argentina.
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