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Recipe by Ben Murphy – Smoked Eel, Scallop & Ponzu

Listed as a “Chef to Watch” by The Good Food Guide and “Breakthrough Chef of the Year” at the Food & Travel Awards, Ben Murphy has brought a high level of skill and creativity to Launceston Place, the modern European restaurant in Kensington. Since he first started at the restaurant three years ago, Murphy has electrified the menu with his signature dishes that are seasonal, playful, and pleasing to the eye. The Launceston Place offering is made up of a la carte menus alongside tasting options with both vegan and vegetarian diets catered for. Some standouts include lobster with celery, yuzu, and coriander; burnt leek with chive and truffle; and passion fruit with Champagne, white chocolate, and meringue.

Whilst their doors are still closed, Chef Murphy shares his recipe for a smoked eel, scallop, and ponzu dish with The Sybarite’s readers so that you can elevate your work from home cooking game and bring a touch of luxury to your next meal. 


Scallop | Ponzu | Smoked Eel

Ben Murphy – Launceston Place


Serves 4


4 XL Cornish scallops (1 per portion) 

1 Whole smoked eel – diced (4 x 1cm cubes per plate) 


For the eel stock

All the trimmings of the smoked eel, including the skin

2 carrots

6 shallots

2 cloves of garlic 

4 sprigs of lemon thyme

200g fish stock

40g bonito flakes


For the ponzu

200g soy sauce 

2 lemongrass

100g orange juice

28g ginger 

10g yuzu juice

44g Ultratex thickening agent (or 6 sheets of soaked gelatine if unavailable)


For the eel jelly 

100g smoked eel stock 

10g agar agar 

2 sheets of gelatine 

Salt to taste 



For the stock – Dice and sauté the vegetables and eel trim for around 8 minutes. Once coloured add the herbs, bonito flakes and fish stock and simmer for 30 minutes.  Strain off the liquid which will be used for the jelly. 

For the jelly – Soak the gelatine in ice cold water until it softens. Bring the stock to the boil and add the agar agar. Cook on a high heat for five minutes while stirring continuously, then add the soaked gelatine, and season to taste. Pour the liquid onto a baking try to create a 5mm layer and refrigerate. Once set, this can be cut into a 5cm disc with a pastry cutter. 

For the ponzu – Bring all the ingredients (except the Ultratex) to a boil in a pan. Cover, and allow to infuse for 6 hours. Once cooled, blend the infusion with the Ultratex, to create a thick paste. Pass through a sieve to remove any lumps. 

Cooking the scallops – Pan fry the whole scallop with butter over a medium/high heat (We quickly char ours on the BBQ first). These should be cooked just before serving. 

To plate – Ensure that the jelly discs, eel and ponzu are at room temperature. Pipe a 10cm spiral of ponzu in the centre of the plate, place the whole roasted scallop in the centre of the spiral. Top each scallop with four cubes of smoked eel and finish with a disc of jelly.



Launceston Place

Address: 1A Launceston Pl, Kensington, London W8 5RL

Phone: 020 7937 6912

Website: https://www.launcestonplace-restaurant.co.uk/

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