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Sothy’s Paris Youth Intensive Skin Treatment

In a world where everyone is trying to unlock the secret to youthful supple skin, Sothy’s Paris has created a treatment that claims to make you look up to 6 years younger in 3 treatments.

The Youth Intensive Treatment fights against oxidative stress and the signs of chronological ageing. Sothy’s advanced research has designed the ßP3. Tri Complex, which combines two botanical active ingredients with new generation peptides to protect the youth capital at all ages. The combination of the two takes a double action approach on the signs of ageing making results visible quickly.

The Treatment

There are five steps to the ultra-sophisticated and extremely relaxing facial. Throughout these steps, the therapist uses targeted products with expert application methods to maximize the products and ensure they are penetrating the skin.

As with most facials, it starts with a gentle cleanser and exfoliator to remove any makeup and renew the skin. This does involve a mild acid; as I suffer from Rosacea we adapted this step to ensure it was mild and didn’t irritate my skin.  

The next step involves what Sothy’s call ‘multi-zoning’; a wrinkle serum is applied to the areas on your face that you would usually get wrinkles. Then a youth serum is applied to lift and firm the areas that may sag with age.

Once both are applied two different massage techniques are used to target the same skin concerns. A pinching motion is used for the areas that wrinkle and a more firm massage is used to lift the muscles in the face and décolleté. The pinching motion works to aid the product in filling fine lines so the skin appears plumper and more youthful. After this step, I could immediately feel a relief of tension in my face.

Step four is all about multi-tasking, using a dermo-filling and dermo-lifting mask the ‘problem’ areas are once again targeted. Once the filling and lifting masks are applied, an additional peel-off white clay mask is placed on top.

To finish the treatment off, youth serum and youth creams are applied to the skin. These creams made my skin feel hydrated for hours after the treatment. The youth creams are available to buy in limited salons.

1 hour and 15 minutes later your facial will be finished and your skin will feel revitalised, youthful and radiant. I noticed the difference immediately; my skin not only felt hydrated but it looked plump and bright. One week later my skin still feels in great condition and still looks bright.

The Sothy’s Youth Intensive Treatment is available at The Milestone Hotel

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