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Take Diving to a More Luxurious Level – all you need to do is remember to bring your passport!

Take diving to a more luxurious level. How? By having it tailor-made just for you, of course.

One company that specializes in creating tailor-made diving holidays is Original Diving. The company sets out to create itineraries for the individual based on precisely what that individual is seeking during their experience. Not only that, but the company sees to it that every single detail is taken care of so that the only thing one needs to remember is their passport. For convenience, a 24-hour helpline is just a phone call away; customers can rest assured that they will always have someone at the other end to answer quick questions or to rely on should anything go wrong. Of course, it goes without saying that Original Diving is made up of expert divers.

Let us, however, get to the more exciting bits, like where to go diving. The choices seem endless: From North America, the Caribbean, Antarctica and Africa to the Far East, Australia and the Pacific Islands, how do you choose? Thankfully, the Original Diving team are also seasoned travellers and they have collated information on the whole ‘where to go and what to see’ bit, depending on what you would most like to gain from your visit. The company has even separated marine life by marine animal, from hammerhead and whale sharks to strange macro animals and more.

To provide an idea of some of the most fascinating diving adventures, Original Diving recommend spots like Raja Ampat, which has the highest marine biodiversity on earth: ‘You can dive Raja Ampat by liveaboard, stay in the south at Misool Eco Resort or in the north at a growing collection of resorts, with Sorido being one of our favourites.’ Then there are diving holidays that one can choose to do with the family or even on a honeymoon. For the family, Original Diving understands that ‘not everyone will want to dive all the time, and that family holidays require more logistical precision than your average military campaign, so a bit of expert advice at the planning stage is essential’. The team has a well-selected collection of family-friendly diving spots that do not require the entire family to dive.

One of Original Diving’s more popular collections is ‘liveaboard diving’, which is for those wanting to dive in as many places as possible in a short amount of time. The collection involves hiring your own private boat, ranging from inexpensive dive boats in the Red Sea to more luxurious private yachts in Indonesia and the Maldives. Keep in mind, however, that liveaboard diving is more hardcore, as ‘people will often do four or even five dives a day’. Of course, if you want to turn it down a notch, Original Diving can accommodate.

For the avid snorkeller or diver, discover what Original Diving has to offer. We are sure its portfolio of holidays will entice your exploratory appetite.

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