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The app for the “cash-rich, time-poor” – Urbanologie

One sentence that sums up the Urbanologie user is ‘cash-rich, time-poor’ – a privileged individual that is much too busy to spend time researching – or – much less, asking where they ought to go (because doing that might give one too many options) – therefore, needing up-to-the-minute tips on new dine-outs, hotspots, and well, that place you must check out that no one knows of, yet.

What is it? It is essentially a luxury lifestyle global destination guide designed to keep members in the know with up-to-the-minute insider news and exclusive content on all of the latest restaurants, bars, pop-ups, clubs and hotels openings with exclusive access to the most happening and unmissable events; from the world of fashion, the arts, music and sport. In addition to London, Urbanologie has daily-updated, insider guides to New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Miami, Ibiza and Mallorca. Next is Paris, Monaco and Hong Kong.


What began as a hobby of sending out newsletters to his influential friends and family, turned into the Urbanologie email newsletter that Hugo Campbell-Davys began sending out in 2012. Witnessing the exciting response, Hugo transformed the concept into a sort of a global members luxury/lifestyle community club, where members could expect to quickly get round-ups of the best venues to check out, even long before a critic could lay a word on it. One of the most well-connected men out there, Hugo – with investment from some founding members – launched the Urbanologie app, making it much easier for the user/member to access insider events/news on most major cities in the world – literally, in the palm of ones hand.

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Most of its members include those in the finance, property and tech sectors but we have no doubt that even creatives might find it to be of a useful companion. The great thing about Urbanologie is really the man behind it. With a highly influential network of friends and acquaintances, he really is a man in the know – someone whose recommendations and finds, you can trust, which is why the app charges a membership fee of only £100 a year. As The Sunday Times has quotes “The snappy lifestyle guide…to know what’s hip and happening”

To get a first hand experience of the app, Urbanologie is giving new users a complimentary 3-month membership after registration, after which you can subscribe for an annual fee of £100.

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