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The Best in Vegan and Cruelty-Free Beauty

Vegan and cruelty-free beauty is grabbing everyone’s attention. But why? For people who are looking to live a healthier lifestyle, vegan and cruelty-free products allow them to extend their lifestyle pledge into other areas of their lives. These products also omit the harsh chemicals that non-vegan and non-cruelty free cosmetics do not. Browse through The Sybarite’s collation of the best vegan and cruelty-free beauty brands below!

Angela Langford

Best Vegan and cruelty-free beauty

British brand, Angela Langford, creates organic, vegan, cruelty-free and mood-boosting skincare products by hand in Somerset. This highly effective, natural range harnesses the finest ingredients from nature’s larder to feed your skin with absolutely no chemical nasties. Suitable for even the most temperamental of complexions, Angela Langford Skincare offers a tailor-made solution to each unique skincare concern.

Evolve Beauty

Vegan and cruelty-free beauty

Evolve Beauty is an artisanal beauty range, based in Hertfordshire, where the team of artisans create all of the natural and organic products by hand.

Herbivore Botanics

Best Vegan and cruelty-free beauty

Herbivore Botanics launched in the UK last year and has taken the UK beauty market by storm. Every ingredient in their extensive range has a specific therapeutic purpose, resulting in pure, highly concentrated, and effective formulas. All products have an emphasis on organic, high quality, and food-grade ingredients. The range is 100% vegan-friendly and they do not test on animals.


Vegan and cruelty-free beauty

Hourglass is a well-known brand that is famous for it’s amazing skin finishes and highlighters. It is also vegan-friendly and offers cruelty-free products.

Innersense Organic Beauty

Best Vegan and cruelty-free beauty

This award winning, American organic hair brand was founded to encourage pure, toxin-free living. Innersense products use sustainably grown, organic ingredients from nature.

Jane Scrivner

Vegan and cruelty-free beauty

Some of the ingredients in this brand are not vegan but the full range is cruelty-free. Jane Scrivner believes in feeding the skin and sources nourishing ingredients.


Best Vegan and cruelty-free beauty

The first and only niche-fragrance to express a modern, urban lifestyle celebrating real New York City stories of inspired individuals. A modern and compelling brand, KIERIN NYC invites people to be inspired, not defined or confined, by fragrance. All fragrances are cruelty-free and unisex.

Maria Nila


Maria Nila is a beloved hair brand that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Their products are developed with love for animals, nature and your hair.


Vegan and cruelty-free beauty

MONAT’s ingredients combine the best of nature with cutting-edge science to provide effective solutions for all your hair concerns. Recognising the power of botanical oils, their rich formulations make these natural ingredients work in harmony with each other, creating a unique age-preventive hair care experience.



Olverum was created by a passion for essential oils. The story behind the brand is as rich as the oil itself, involving a family secret carried for decades, and several lifetimes of devotion and specialist knowledge. The recipes stood the test of time and there are over eight decades of aerotherapeutic luxury in this product.

Polished London

Dental Teeth whitening

Polished London is dedicated to bringing innovative dental products to consumers. They source the finest ingredients that are stringently tested and compliant with UK and EU regulations. Polished London’s products are also cruelty-free and vegan.

Prosody London

Vegan and cruelty-free beauty

Prosody London is a luxurious, organic fragrance house pioneering a new generation of fine fragrance. Prosody London only uses organically harvested wild essential oils, natural isolates and organic grain alcohol to craft complex olfactory experiences that are alluring, enchanting and long-lasting.



This brand leads the way in creating products made with purity and good health in mind, and pioneered the “no nasties” movement with their sulfate free shampoos and 100% vegan formulas. They are made with sustainably sourced natural plant extracts and without animal products or by-products.

REN Clean Skincare

Vegan and cruelty-free beauty

REN is a well known and respected brand within the beauty industry. Not only are their products cruelty-free, they have an extensive range of vegan products such as their Evercalm Day Cream. REN have also recently begun to change their packaging to make them more environmentally friendly.

S5 Skincare

Best Vegan and cruelty-free beauty

An intelligent organic skincare range designed to care for skin suffering from the effects of modern living. S5 Skincare’s ingredients are sourced from the most extreme ecosystems on the planet, ensuring that they are adapted to be resilient to stress.

True Skincare

Vegan and cruelty-free beauty

True Skincare is a British skincare brand with 100% organic ingredients carefully developed to tackle skincare concerns. For this brand, the vegan-friendly and cruelty-free ethos is equally important as the efficacy of their products.

Vida for You


Vida for You is a new luxury, vegan skincare line with a beautiful range of products that uses neurotechnology to further enhance a sense of wellbeing.

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